Amazing Meal

I kept seeing Amazing Grass Amazing Meal protein powder on blogs right and left.  So I decided I should probably try it too.  I ordered a sampler from their website for $3.99 which came with 3 packets of Amazing Meal Protein Powder.  1 Original blend, 1 Pomegranate Mango Infusion and 1 Chocolate Infusion flavor.

I got this a few weeks ago and wasn’t really sure what to do with it.  So I decided to put in a smoothie.  Unfortunately, I was not a fan of the original blend flavor and couldn’t even drink my smoothie mostly because of the grittiness of the protein powder, not necessarily the flavor.

So today, Monica at Run, Eat, Repeat suggested I try it in juice.  I don’t normally drink juice so I tried the next best thing… a green monster! I decided to try to dissolve the Pomegranate Mango Amazing Meal in water first to see if that would reduce the grittiness,

then I added half a frozen banana, 4 frozen strawberries and a handful of spinach.  I put it all in the blender with some ice to yield an Amazing Grass GM…

Honestly, I’m not that big of a fan.  This one was far better than the Original Blend I tried a few weeks ago, but I’m still not completely sold on this product.  I like the idea behind it and the nutrients in it but  I think I like my regular green monster without Amazing Meal more.

I think the main problem I have with it is the fact that it’s protein powder.  Texture not taste.  I would definitely suggest everyone try it because you just might like it.

As for me, I think I’ll stick to regular green monsters and getting protein from other sources. That being said, I did drink it and I’m feeling pretty full right now 🙂

Off to class!  Have a great afternoon!


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