New Moon + Long Day Ahead

Last night I went to see New Moon.  I won’t spoil it for anyone, but I will say that the first 5 minutes were terrible but then it got infinitely better (with ridiculous lines throughout).

Also… I may or may not have been converted to Team Jacob.

Need I say more?  (Anyone else feel like a dirty old woman admiring a 17 year old???)

Okay so on to other things.  I feel like staying home, drinking tea and listening to Christmas Carols.  Unfortunately, I’m going to the computer lab to try to bust out a draft of my 15-20 page paper due Dec 4th so I can spend more time with the lovely fella when he visits.

I’m going to a-we-can-make-it-through-the-week gathering later. What should I bring?

Do you have any crowd pleasing recipes??  Do you have a go to dish that you bring to events/parties??


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