Quick, Healthy and Delicious

I came home from the gym today and for some reason wasn’t hungry at all.  After almost two hours, I decided I should probably eat something even though I wasn’t too hungry.  Do you ever have those days where you’re just not really hungry?? I wish they would happen more often.

I looked around the kitchen for what to make and the lovely fella suggested I make a wrap.

So I spread some greek yogurt on a wrap, topped it with a layer of spinach, artichoke hearts, mustard and a Morningstar Tomato Basil Pizza Burger.

Then I wrapped it up and enjoyed!  It was DELICIOUS and literally took 3 minutes to make (and probably just as much time to eat).  I’m seriously obsessed with Morningstar Farms Veggie Patties.  I should be their spokes person.  I feel like I rep for them all the time!

In other news… one massive jar of artichokes down, one more to go.  I give in another 48 hours.

Here’s a little Food for Thought:

My friend sent me this article called “College’s too-fat-to-graduate Rule Under Fire

Students at Lincoln University with a body mass index of 30 or above, reflective of obesity, must take a fitness course that meets three hours per week. Those who are assigned to the class but do not complete it cannot graduate.

Is this fair?  Is this discrimination?  What are your thoughts?


6 thoughts on “Quick, Healthy and Delicious

  1. Anna says:

    Those non-hungry days happen to me too, occasionally. VERY occasionally 🙂

    That is a really interesting article. I do think that it is discrimination in a way, and that it’s intrusive– by the time a person reaches college, their health and/or weight is really their own, personal issue.

    On the other hand, I understand the university’s desire to promote health and wellness among students. I think I agree with the student they inteviewed who argued that if they were going to require a “Fitness for Life” course, they should make it a requirement for ALL students, not just the overweight ones. After all, I know several people who are very thin, but have horrible health/fitness habits. If they made it a general requirement that ALL students had to take, it could move the focus away from weight, and more to the issue of health in general.

    Very interesting article!

    • Karla says:

      I agree! I know I certain wouldn’t have minded taking a health/fitness class and I know plenty of people of all different shapes and sizes who would have benefited.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Very interesting article, indeed. While I wholeheartedly believe that all people should strive to be as fit as possible, imposing a rule such as this will only lead to more rules regarding other things down the road. I would understand more if the school or degree was health/fitness-related in some way. Great question!

    I’ve wondered how those Morningstar Tomato Basil Pizza Burgers taste… I may have to try them now because yours looks pretty good!

    • Karla says:

      They really are delicious!

      Imposing behavior/requirements on people can be tricky. I think maybe a requirement for everyone, not only overweight people, would be a better idea. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with information, but I definitely see what you mean about health/fitness-related degrees.

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