Last Day of Class

It’s the last day of class!  Thank goodness!

I pretty much stayed up all night (actually went to bed at 4am woke up at 7am… so I had a nap).  I won’t even tell you all the things I ate last night.  I was all sorts of disgusting!

On to a happier day…

Breakfast was one of my favorites!  I’m not sure how I’ve not had this for so long!

I didn’t have any toast so I used a Mini Pita, spread some PB (with flax!) on it and sliced up a banana!  Yum!  I have a slight banana obsession!  I think it runs in the family.  My mom eats multiple bananas per day.

What yours favorite breakfast?

Sad/Happy Story: I was up pretty much all night working on this paper that I’ve been obsessing over for weeks.  I couldn’t figure out why I kept writing but I seemed to ways have 10-11 pages… then I realized, most of it was actually in 10pt font!  So REALLY I had 17 pages!  Amazing!

Lunch with probably be an apple, a carrot and a cliff bar again… hopefully dinner will make up in amazingness!

Have a fantastic day!


3 thoughts on “Last Day of Class

  1. Karin says:

    hehe I had the exact same thing for breakfast (ok, minus the flax and a piece of bread instead of a pita). And as you can probably tell.. I LOVE BANANAS 🙂 I can’t believe that people think they’re bad for you because of the sugar. Has anyone ever gotten fat because of bananas? Me thinks not.

    • Karla says:

      I can definitely see you love bananas too! I think the claim that eating bananas makes you fat is ridiculous! Obviously too much of anything can cause weigh gain but I hate the labeling of certain foods and good or bad. Bananas are good for you, but you probably shouldn’t eat 20 in one day… although I probably wish I could haha!

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