Ready For Winter

After an extremely long day, I came home to find a package on my doorstep.  My snow boots arrived!  (excuse my ridiculously messy room and haggard appearance, I slept a little less than 4 hours last night…)

I’m really pleased!  I’ve never had snow boots before (I’m a California girl, remember!).  I kind of can’t wait for it so snow so I can wear them.  I’m ready for winter!

Are you ready for winter??


5 thoughts on “Ready For Winter

  1. Erin says:

    Haha, you look so happy!! That’s awesome. Snow boots are the best! I seriously remember pairs that I had when I was a kid.

    Thanks for your comment on my spending post. I totally hear you on living on loans and hating that shopping makes you feel good. I just need to find ways that will make me feel good without braking the bank! Did you do AmeriCorps yourself or just knew people? That is exactly how I describe the experience to people – hard lesson but worth it!

    • Karla says:

      Can you believe my boots only cost me $1.55!! I used a gift card to DSW! That’s probably why I look so happy haha!

      I did Americorps through the Bonner Program during my senior year of undergrad, which was 300 hours of service and leadership training. I worked at a mentoring program in a middle school. We had a VISTA person at my mentoring program too but I also just know a lot of people who have done Americorps.

  2. Suzanne says:

    I loved living in the midwest, but I don’t miss the snow! Just seeing your new snow boots makes me shiver… burrr! Your boots are really cute though- I hope they keep your feet warm.

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