Since the lovely fella is leaving tomorrow 😦 we decided to go on a “hot date.”  So in a foodie’s life that means go out to a great restaurant.  We decided on Moosewood because I’ve been obsessing over it heard it’s delicious.  You may have heard of Moosewood because of their cookbooks.  Moosewood is a collectively-owned, vegetarian restaurant and pretty much an Ithaca landmark.  Their menu changes daily and most items have the option of being vegan as well (i.e. omitting cheese)

Dinner was pretty delicious.

I started with a glass of wine, the lovely fella got an Ithaca Pale Ale while perusing the menu.  Both were delicious

Then came the house salads.  Oh my goodness.  This salad was probably the best part of the entire meal!  I got the Lemon-Tahini dressing.  It was fantastic!  I’m going to try to recreate it ASAP!  The lovely fella got the house dressing, which was a creamy spinach-basil dressing.  It was equally delicious.  I can’t decide which one I liked better.

As my entree, I got the Savannah Stew (Sweet potatoes, kale, green beans, celery, bell peppers, zucchini, yellow squash and tomatoes simmered with Old Bay seasoning, lemon and thyme, topped with cheddar cheese (opt.) and  served with freshly baked scallion cornbread (v))  That is the menu description.  The (v) means vegan.  I got the cheese on top so it was not completely vegan.

Oh man!  This was one of the best stews I’ve ever had!  It was so flavorful and hearty!

The lovely fella got the Roasted Vegetable Lasagna (Layers of lasagna noodles, roasted portabello and white mushrooms, eggplant and zucchini, whipped (local organic Ithaca Soy) tofu “ricotta”, baked in a savory tomato-basil wine sauce;
topped with mozzarella cheese (opt.)).  He liked his, but I wasn’t a fan.  The tofu was really bland (as tofu generally is) and slightly bitter.  Sure glad he liked it!  The lasagna minus the tofu was great!  Here he is with his dinner 🙂

Then of course came dessert.  The menu said there was carrot cake, so we ordered that.  However, the waiter let us know this is was actually banana cake!  I was instantly sold, as I am a banana fiend.

Honestly, it wasn’t the best I’ve ever had (on that note, the best Banana Cake I’ve ever had was in the Azores, Portuguese Islands, I studied abroad in Portugal and seriously I still dream about that cake).  The frosting was a little too sweet and the cake was kind of dense.

That being said it was still tasty and greatly appreciated!

Overall, Moosewood was pretty good and I recommend it to anyone in the Ithaca area.

Also, tonight was the first time I felt like a food blogger haha.  I took pictures of everything.  I lugged the big camera.  It was less nerve wracking than I thought it would be and now I’m glad to have the pictures.  So if you hesitate at all to take pictures in public, don’t!

Now I’m stuffed and off to either work on a project or watch a movie.  I can’t decide… I have a feeling it’ll be the movie since the lovely fella is leaving tomorrow 😦



Fake It Til You Make It

I have two fakers here today and both are good for the environment and my tummy!

Faker #1: Chicken Parmesan for Lunch

1 Morningstar Chicken Patty, some pasta sauce, and mozzarella cheese.  Faux-Chicken Parmesan!  Delicous and meat-free!  I love being home for lunch and making more exciting meals, not that Cliff bars and frozen vegetables aren’t great but I much prefer an exciting lunch.  Do you prefer quick, light lunches? or elaborate lunches?

Faker #2: Paper Cup

It’s not paper!  It’s a ceramic reusable travel mug!  Kind of fun and environmentally friendly, right!?!

Speaking of paper… My paper is almost done!  I’m putting the finishing touches on my bibliography!  Thank goodness!!


Interesting Find

I went to Target last night, thinking I wanted a pretty new plate (I won’t get into my obsession with dishes and flatware…).  Then I remember Erin‘s post about Binge Spending and though I probably shouldn’t buy this since I don’t actually need it.  So I was going to walk about empty handed, but on my way out I saw an interesting thing in the refrigerated section…

Double Twisted String Cheese!

Orange and White Mozzarella twisted together!

Okay so it’s tastes pretty much like regular string cheese, but it makes snacks that much more fun!  I’m a nerd… I know!

Agenda for Today:
-Edit Paper
-Turn in Paper
-Surprise outing with the lovely fella!  I’ll post more about this later 🙂

December Recipe Challenge Update!
Head over to Karin’s Blog Give Me Bananas to see the recipe for Thai-riffic Spinach Curry Noodles she tried out for the December Recipe Challenge!

Have a great day!