Interesting Find

I went to Target last night, thinking I wanted a pretty new plate (I won’t get into my obsession with dishes and flatware…).  Then I remember Erin‘s post about Binge Spending and though I probably shouldn’t buy this since I don’t actually need it.  So I was going to walk about empty handed, but on my way out I saw an interesting thing in the refrigerated section…

Double Twisted String Cheese!

Orange and White Mozzarella twisted together!

Okay so it’s tastes pretty much like regular string cheese, but it makes snacks that much more fun!  I’m a nerd… I know!

Agenda for Today:
-Edit Paper
-Turn in Paper
-Surprise outing with the lovely fella!  I’ll post more about this later 🙂

December Recipe Challenge Update!
Head over to Karin’s Blog Give Me Bananas to see the recipe for Thai-riffic Spinach Curry Noodles she tried out for the December Recipe Challenge!

Have a great day!


One thought on “Interesting Find

  1. Erin says:

    Yeah girl!! I’m definitely feeling better after confessing my binge spending!

    Thanks for the link back 😉

    I totally love that string cheese too!

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