Snow + Squash

Snow for real!  I’m pretty excited.  Today was the first time I really saw snow fall (more the few flakes I saw last week).  Super exciting!!

Today has been one of the most unproductive days of my life!  I have a paper due Monday and I need to work on a presentation on Wednesday.

I managed to:
-Go to Wegman’s, you can now rest assured that I will not run out of bananas
-Watch an episode of Ugly Betty (mildy obsessed)
-Read a million and 1 blogs
-Talk on the phone with the madre
-Listen to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, Jason Derulo’s Whatcha Say, Blue Oyster Cult’s Don’t Fear the Reaper, Bon Jovi’s Wanted Dead or Alive, and Miley Cyrus’s Party in the USA, each about 50 times.  Thanks Grooveshark!

That’s pretty much it.

I also made a tasty dinner.  I’ve had an acorn squash sitting in my kitchen for about 2 weeks and thought it’s about time that I actually use it.  I cut it in half and baked it for about 45 minutes.  Then I filled it with some leftover quinoa, dried cranberries and sour cream then topped it with some shredded cheese.

Not bad.

I fully intend on getting a lot done tonight!  Wish me luck!

Coming up soon… next recipe for December Recipe Challenge and next post about Food Security!


Brunch at the Carriage House

I don’t usually eat out two meals in a row, but since the lovely fella is leaving we decided to make the most of his time here in Ithaca.  It was 26 degrees out (eek!!) so I suited up before walking to breakfast!

I look kind of like a marshmallow but seriously, this jacket kept me ridiculously warm! Despite the fact that it was pretty cold, it was a lovely walk.  Then we arrived at the Carriage House.  They’re known for having a really good brunch, so I was pretty excited to go.  I love brunch! I prefer breakfast foods to any other meal!

The decor was lovely and the ambiance was very cozy.

And they had Bon Appetit magazine at each table!!  Great reading material for when you’re waiting for your meal!

I ordered the scrambled eggs (cage free!) with ciabatta toast and a side of garlic home fries (served with house-made tomato-ginger ketchup).  The tomato-ginger ketchup was interesting.  A little too sweet for my liking but a great flavor combination, almost reminded me of a chutney.

Overall, this place was pretty good.  Their coffee was tasty, food was pretty good and the decor was great!

What’s your favorite restaurant??