Guatemalan Black Beans: Part I

Black beans are a staple in the Guatemalan diet.  Most people don’t know a whole lot about Guatemala, so I figured why not share one of my favorite foods (and pretty much the thing I miss most about living at home).

My grandma eats black beans every day and is convinced it keeps her healthy.  Whether or not that’s true, I grew up eating them quite a bit.  I think they’re pretty tasty and would be totally okay with eating them everyday, health benefits are an added bonus!

My Grandma and Me, walking through some ruins in Guatemala

Black beans can be enjoyed in many, many ways, but the two most common ways they are enjoyed in Guatemala is whole beans (parados) often in a soup form or refried (volteados).  This recipe is how my family makes them.  Obviously, each family has a  different recipe, but I think these are pretty tasty and simple.

Frijoles Parados:

1lb of black beans
1 garlic clove
1 large onion
salt to taste (we’re salty eaters so we kind of use a lot)

*I made less than this since it’s just me eating: I used about a cup of dry beans, 1 small onion and a 1/2 tsp minced garlic since I didn’t have a whole clove.

Step One: Sort through your beans to make sure there are no rocks or shriveled old beans up in there!  Soak your beans over night or at least 4 hours in a pot.

Step Two: Drain the soaking water

Step 3: Cut the ends off an onion and peel a garlic clove place them in the pot with your beans.  Add some salt (1/2 tsp? 1 tsp? depending on  how much you make).  Add enough fresh water to cover your beans and most onion.

Step 4: Bring water to a boil then simmer for about an hour and a half or until beans are tender.

Step 5:  Ladle some into a bowl and enjoy with a dollop of sour cream!

Coming Soon… Part II of the Guatemalan Black Bean Saga…

I must be really into series posts…


18 thoughts on “Guatemalan Black Beans: Part I

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  2. Ernesto says:

    Brings back memories from my mom who passed away. She was the best frijoles cooker in the family. Thanks for the tips.

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