Calling All Cakes!

I woke up this morning to a TON of snow!  It’s so lovely!!  So I slipped on my stylish new snow boots (over my pajamas) and headed out to take some pictures.  I was chic:

Not sure how I’m going to get my car out…

I’ve been a busy bee as of recent.  I have a presentation for my land use class tonight and my group poster is a DISASTER!  I hate group projects but mostly jerks who can’t work with others.

After that I will be working on my stats paper… When it comes to stats I sort of feel like this:

Image not mine

Anyway, It’ll get done!

Luckily my oats this morning were lovely!

On to cakes!

I need your help!

While part of my December Recipe Challenge was to hold off on baking sweets, my friend Liz’s birthday is today!  Happy Birthday Liz!

Isn't she cute?! Gentlemen, she's single!

So this weekend, my roommate and I are hosting an Ugly Sweater/Liz’s Birthday Party.  What kind of a birthday party would it be without the cake??

So if I’m only going to bake one thing then it better be good!  She said her favorite cake is anyone that she doesn’t have to bake.  So that leaves me with a blank slate! 

I need suggestions for an amazing birthday cake! Cupcakes are also appreciated!

Let’s make Liz’s birthday cake amazing!

Please leave me comments with cake suggestions/recipes!

Note: This does not have to be your original recipe, but please give authors due credit.  Also, this doesn’t have to be fancy from scratch.  Doctored cake mix is great!  Creativity is appreciated but simplicity is classic!

I’ll pick the top three by tomorrow and Liz will vote on which one I should make!  The winner will get something special sent to them 🙂

Have a great day!