December Recipe Challenge: Potato Gnocchi

I should probably preface this with the fact that this was a fail…

About a month ago, I bought a 5lb bag of potatoes for under $2.00.  Since it’s been a month I decided I should probably make use of them.  I also happened to have an open jar of pasta sauce that needs to be used.  Here’s the next addition to the December Recipe Challenge…  it seemed like a few ingredients, a little labor intensive but manageable!

Again I got this recipe from 101 Cookbooks, Heidi calls it How to Make Gnocchi like an Italian Grandmother.  I call it potato gnocchi.  Here’s my version, only 1 change (whole wheat flour for all purpose, which I think was the cause of fail):

Potato Gnocchi

2 lbs of potatoes
1/4 cup egg
1 cup of whole wheat flour

Boil the potatoes with the peel until tender, save the water.  Then lay the potatoes out on a large cutting board, peel and mash with a fork.

Leave it to cool a bit then add the egg and 3/4 of the flour.

Knead it very lightly, add more flour as needed.

Divide the dough into 8 pieces and roll each piece into a long worm shape.  Cut worm into 1/2inch – 3/4 inch pieces.

Shape them on the side of a fork (I can’t show this since I only have two hands).  Reboil the water and put gnocchi in the water until they float to the top.

Enjoy with olive oil and salt or some pasta sauce.

Sadly this wasn’t very delicious.  I didn’t even finish making the batch 😦  Not very delicious… In fact my dinner ended up being this:

Oh well.  We can’t win them all!

What’s your most recent recipe fail?


13 thoughts on “December Recipe Challenge: Potato Gnocchi

  1. Anna says:

    Aw…I hate recipes fails. Don’t worry– they happen to ALL of us! Did they just not taste very good, or was it something else that went wrong?

    They look pretty 🙂

    • Karla says:

      Yeah I probably should have mentioned… they were pretty gross, even swimming in pasta sauce, not particularly good. I really think it was the whole wheat flour.

    • Karla says:

      Darn! Pesto is definitely more precious than potatoes! At least in my book! Oh well… I saw on your blog you go to USC. I almost went there for grad school then decided I should probably leave California at some point in my life. Now I’m freezing haha!

  2. Erin says:

    Sad! Maybe you could roll them into balls and bake the dough into semi-biscuit like things? Whole wheat flour is definiely different – I learn that the hard way everytime I make white vs. wheat flour pizza and the wheat flour is stuck to the pan!

    I think my latest fail was probably raisin bread that I tried to make. I forgot baking powder. Oops.

  3. Linzi says:

    OH I am sad your little gnocchis didn’t work out. I have made them once and they came out really good. But that was like 6 years ago and I was in italy. I think everything tastes better in italy! Anyways I just found your blog and thought I would say hello!

  4. Wanna B Healthy says:

    Hey Foodlogie – i have a question for you.

    Have you ever tried Nutritional Yeast? I hear its supposed to be a good cheese substitute that is tasty and healthy. What are your thoughts?


    Wanna B Healthy

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