Using My Leftovers: FAIL

I had a final, extremely frustrating last meeting with my group for land use.  Luckily my roommate picked me up so I didn’t’ have to walk home (20 degrees out!  Brrr!)

Instead of being a good kid and coming home and eating the rest of my leftovers (aka a potato and 8 carrots), stopped by Shortstop Deli to get a fantastic sandwich.

I got a veggie packed sandwich on ciabatta with seitan.  It was delicious!

I needed this after an extremely long day.

How off to pack and get ready to leave!  Are you traveling anywhere this holiday season?

Have a great night!


5 thoughts on “Using My Leftovers: FAIL

  1. Suzanne says:

    Yum, your sandwich looks good!

    I usually go home for Christmas, but not this year. My hubby asked if I would mind spending it with him this year… He must have missed me missed me last year! 🙂

  2. Karin says:

    Oh well, I also often have leftovers that I should use but simply don’t feel like it. That sandwich looks scrumptious!

    I don’t go anywhere for the holidays, nope. (However, does New Years count as well? Then yes, I go to Japan. As you already know, hehe).

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