How to Eat a Stealthy Guatemalan Breakfast

Wake up ravenous before anyone else.  Quickly but quietly heat up a pot of black beans from the fridge.  Pull out two eggs and cook them as you please.

Then gather it all together.

If over easy, please make sure your yolk is nice and runny.  It’ll come in handy later.  Plus runny yolks are pretty much the most delicious thing on the planet…

Quickly consume all contents of the plate.

Sop up anything on the plate (i.e. left over runny yolk and beans that your fork failed to pick up but you know much go in your belly) with some bread.  Get into it.  Your fingers should be covered in beans and yolk.

After your plates are wiped clean.  Destroy the evidence (aka put away the food and wash dishes).

Then as people wake up asking what you’d like for breakfast casually say “Oh I’m just not hungry this morning…”


4 thoughts on “How to Eat a Stealthy Guatemalan Breakfast

  1. louisianagrown says:

    Love the beans for breakfast! I used to have a roommate who would wake up extra early on the days she knew we had something good for breakfast (like 2 leftover cinnamon rolls) and scarf it all down before I could. And really, I would have only eaten one and saved her one! Anyway, end of tangent – this is cute!

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