White Boy Eats Brown Food

After dropping my aunt off at the airport tonight, the lovely fella and I arrived back at my house quite ravenous.  We scavenged the fridge for a trace of food and finally came across some gems in the freezer.

These diddies were flown in from Guatemala.  They’re called Tamalitos de Chipilin, little corn tamales with a green leaf called chipilin in them.   They’re wrapped in a corn husk, much like many tamales you may have seen in grocery stores but they’re A MILLION times more delicious.

These were enjoyed with  beans, sour cream and tortillas to complete the brown meal.

Mmm so good!  I think the lovely fella enjoyed too!

Or maybe I just make him eat random stuff and he wishes he could have a burger… who know!  Off to watch Arrested Development because we’re mildly obsessed!

Good night!

The lovely fella enjoyed too!

I wish I knew how to make these because I’d make them all the time!


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