Miracles Happen, Once in a While

My mother hates cooking.  But today, she was in rare form.

She made tilapia!

It was pretty good (Yes I eat fish.  Although this may change, right now I do.).  Really simple, just salt, pepper and onion powder.  The cooked on medium heat for a 6 minutes total.

I made a salad.

Later I started preparing Christmas dinner. On the menu for tomorrow:

Turkey, Ciabatta Stuffing (minus the pancetta)Potato-Apple Gratin, My Sister’s Green Bean Casserole, and Sweet Potato Casserole. I’m sure there will be a salad on the side as well.

I always make that stuffing for Thanksgiving, but since I wasn’t here for Thanksgiving this year, I decided to make it for Christmas.  The bread is diced and waiting to be made tomorrow.  Tonight I started on the Potato-Apple Gratin.  It’ll be fully made except for heating/browning tomorrow in the oven.

It looks pretty good so far!  I hope it is.

Tips for Cooking a Large Meal:

-Plan your menu in advance
-Make sure you have all your ingredients
-Make as many things as possible the night before.
-Do all the chopping and prep work the day before so all the hard work is done with early.
-If you’re having a dinner, start cooking early in the day so you have time to clean up (both yourself and the kitchen)

Do you have any tips for cooking a large meal for many people?


7 thoughts on “Miracles Happen, Once in a While

  1. ginamastrog says:

    Wheeeeen you beeeliiiieeeve! Haha, I love “The Princess Diaries”! 🙂
    Whenever we have to make a big meal, we do exactly what you said – lots of planning, lots of prep work ahead of time.

  2. Karin says:

    Oh can’t wait to see how the apple potato gratin turns out. I’ve never heard of that combo before.
    Hmm cooking for many people.. Well I rarely make something that has to be made immediately before serving. I hate “leaving” my guests.

  3. Nicole says:

    Happy holidays! So happy to have found your blog — I look forward to following! Your mom is too cute, the tilapia looks wonderful. I am going to make that potato-apple gratin, the recipe looks wonderful! THANK YOU!

  4. Alex says:

    When I cooked for Ridge House, the thing I found most important to make a large meal on time was figuring out the best order to prepare dishes. Before I started cooking, I would plan which dishes I would make when — understand what needs to cook for a long time vs shorty and right before serving. Then you can prep the short dish while something longer is cooking.

    Of course, I had a strict 3 hour time limit to feed 40 people 🙂

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