2009 Highlights

2009 is almost over!  Here’s a recap of my year!

Early in 2009, I was a senior at UC Berkeley.  I was taking a few classes and writing an honors thesis on housing policy in Guatemala.

Title of thesis… Shacking Up: Latent Government Bias in Guatemalan Housing Policy (I thought it was kind of cute/pun-y…)

There was a little spring breaking… Vegas was involved, as was my sister’s dental school banquet.

May 2009: I graduated from Berkeley and my sister graduated from Dental School.  We had a joint party.

June 2009: India

July 2009: Home for a month before moving.

Garlic Festival in Gilroy

Wine Tasting in Temecula, CA

August 2009:

Aruba with Momma and Poppa!

Then I moved to Ithaca to go to Grad School at Cornell where I made a ton of new friends!

September 2009:

Went to the NY State Fair saw lots of tractors and MC Hammer

Fostered a dog! Marie the 9 year old (camera shy) German Shepard-Corgie mix with anxiety and a weight problem who I absolutely ADORE but now has a permanent home!

October 2009:

NYC with the Lovely Fella for 3 Yr Anniversary

Went to my first corn maize!

I was Rosie the Riveter for Halloween

November 2009:

Started this blog!  Woo Foodologie!

Went to the UN in NYC

There ARE field trips in Grad School!!

I spent Thanksgiving with the Lovely fella and his family.  Then he came to Ithaca for a week!!

We went to Moosewood!

December 2009:

I started the December recipe challenge and made a ton of recipes!  (click the tag on the side to see them all!)

I got to do the Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24 and made a 12 course vegetarian meal inspired by the 12 Day of Christmas!

Then came Christmas!

The lovely fella couldn’t be there because he had to work at 6:00am on Christmas Day in the Bay Area but it was still a great time!  My two friends, David and Talia, came to help celebrate and experience their first Christmas!

Somehow I just seem to attract tall people... tall boyfriend, tall roommate, tall friends...

2009 has been a great year!  I hope 2010 is even better with more friends and family around!

What’s the most exciting part of 2009 been for you?


7 thoughts on “2009 Highlights

  1. Joe! says:

    For some reason that picture of the garlic festival doesn’t illustrate how RIDICULOUSLY hot it was that day! Where’s the garlic ice cream!? Great photos!

    • Karla says:

      I forgot! It was ridiculously hot that day! But I think that’s the only real picture I had of us where we weren’t making ridiculous faces… I thought I’d spare the world for once…

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