January Recipe Challenge: Food Around the World!

The December Recipe Challenge was a ton of fun!  I loved trying new recipes full of veggies!

I want to continue this but with a new flare, a global flare.

The goal will be to make a recipe from each continent!

1. North America
2. South America
3. Europe
4. Asia
5. Africa
6. Australia
7. Antarctica (not sure how this is going to work out just yet as Antarctica doesn’t actually have a human civilization to my knowledge, except scientist).

This means I will do around 2 recipes per week!  I’m pretty excited to try new things!  Just like the December recipe challenge, these recipes will be vegetarian and veggie filled!

If you’d like to join me (vegetarian or not), write a post on your blog and I’ll link you!  If you don’t have a blog, not to worry, you can do a guest post! Just e-mail me at foodologie00@gmail.com

Also, if you have a recipe/dish to suggest, I’d love to hear about it and try it out!

Come back soon to see new recipes!


12 thoughts on “January Recipe Challenge: Food Around the World!

  1. balancejoyanddelicias says:

    great challenge! I can’t wait to see what recipe you’ll going to make from South America and Asia!

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