Made it!

Hey all!

I made it the Bay Area!  Upon arriving, we went to dinner.  The lovely fella’s dad was in town on a business trip so he took us to a great restaurant called Parcel 104.  Delicious!  The menu was seasonal and local!  I had a delicious artichoke 3 ways (pureed, braised and fried) and a beet salad and a small carrot cake dessert that was amazing!  I didn’t take pictures but I wish I had because the food was so photogenic!

This morning, I got in a quick work out in the lovely fella’s apartment gym.  Now we’re headed to Berkeley/Oakland because the lovely fella has a dentist appointment.  Then we’re going to dinner at CHEZ PANISSE!  I can’t wait!  I’ll be back with an update and pictures!!

Have a great day!


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