Italian Toad in a Hole

Hi all!  Thanks for all your nice comments about my 100! and my International Food Assistance post!

Is anyone else experiencing crazy weather today?!  All of a sudden there was a blizzard at about 11:00am!  I was not properly dressed!

On to food…I had the best dinner tonight.  It was quicky, easy, healthy and most importantly delicious.  It may not look that pretty but it was TASTY!

This sort of reminded me of a toad in a hole (you know, bread with egg in the middle) for some reason.

Behold:  Italian Eggs over Polenta!

I haven’t quite mastered the pretty aspect but flavor was spot on!

I have a ton of recipes bookmarked and with all the talk of Italian food on Nicole‘s blog this seemed like the perfect way to get my fix.

I made a single serving since it’s just me.  It was the perfect portion!

The recipe calls for a tube of polenta, but I didn’t have that so I made my own.  It was super easy!  I had never made polenta before! 
Have you made polenta before??

I brought 1 cup of water to a boil with a pinch of sea salt in a small saucepan then added 1/4 cup of cornmeal and stirred like crazy for a few minutes until it started to come off the sides of the pot.  I transferred that to a plate and let it solidify.

In the mean time, I added half a cup of pasta sauce to a pan with 1-2 cups of fresh chopped spinach.  Then I heated it until the spinach wilted it.  Then the best part… this is where the toad in a hole-ness comes in… I made a little well in the sauce/spinach, cracked an egg in it!  Then it cooked covered for about 3 minutes, because I love runny yolks! (Cook longer if you want a solid yolk)  Any runny yolk fans around??

Serve on the polenta!

The recipe calls for asiago cheese, which I didn’t have so I sprinkled it with some grated pecorino romano cheese.


All this goodness for only 300 calories! (For full nutrition info, see the sparkpage)

Best dinner I’ve had in a long time!  Highly recommend it!  Really it could be enjoyed any time of day!

Now I’m off to watch Mad Men, because I’m obsessed!  Have a great night!!


13 thoughts on “Italian Toad in a Hole

  1. Jessica@Healthy Exposures says:

    oh wow, this does look really good! I think it was probably better how you made it – with polenta from scratch, too. It’s a lot easier to work with – with the tubed kind, you’re restricted to crafting a sturdy crust out of those tiny little circles, lol. Definitely saving this one. Of course, mine will be with a burnt egg 😛 I feel like we’ve got a battle of “crispy eggs” vs “runny yolks” going on, haha.

  2. Jenn ( says:

    We had snow, today, too. It was blowing around like crazy.

    Oh my gawd, that polenta and egg looks SO good! I just bought a bag of Bob’s Red Mill Polenta last week, I am going to make this! YUM

    And I LOVE runny yolks. Dustin does too, so this is going to be super easy to make. Can’t wait. 🙂


  3. Karin says:

    Wow this looks amazing! I’d love to recreate that meal. Sigh, only if polenta didn’t hate me that much (it attacked me and left a pretty scar on my arm). But I might give it a try nevertheless because I love polenta. And spinach. And runny yolks.

  4. Nicole says:

    Yummm! This totally reminds me that it’s been YEARS since I’ve had a toad in the hole. We have a late start at work due to icy weather…I know what I’m doing next! : )

  5. Danielle says:

    Polenta is either a hit-or-miss with me. It all depends on what dish it’s being used it.
    I really hope we don’t get a blizzard today!

  6. Nikkoli says:

    Jessica@Healthy Exposures :
    I feel like we’ve got a battle of “crispy eggs” vs “runny yolks” going on, haha.

    My personal favorite egg is the ones my grandma made. The white was fried crispy while the yolk remained completely runny for dipping toast or bacon in. Mmmmmmm

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