April Will be AAAAmazing!

Happy April Everyone!

I hate April Fool’s Day!  Sorry to be a scrooge (what? wrong holiday?), but I won’t even pretend to be pregnant or dropping out of school or anything of that shocking sort.  Are you a fan of April Fool’s Day??

Today has starting out wonderfully!!

Reason #1: It’s SUNNY out and there is going to be a high of 78!!!!

Check out the sunshine radiating from my fire escape!!

See Lauren‘s post on Vitamin D

Reason #2: Amazing oats in my new bowl! Isn’t it cute?

My oats may not be as fancy as some, but my oat + banana +yogurt + almond butter combo is the best thing on Earth to me!  Case in point:

Reason #3:  Delicious lunch!

At Allie‘s suggestion I had a tempeh + pumpkin butter + spinach sandwich.  Yes there is tempeh and pumpkin butter amongst that mountain of spinach.

OMG delicious!  Try it!  Even better than yesterday’s sandwich!

Reason #4: Yesterday I got Mad Men season 3 arrived in the mail.  Thus I can continue my love/hate relationship with Don Draper.

Reason #5: Class was outside today!  I got to argue with someone, which is fun because usually it’s a huge group of people sitting around agreeing with each other.

Reason #6: Fantastic work out this morning!  It flew by!  I did 4 miles on the T-Mill while watching Tyra Banks’ E! True Hollywood Story.  I love trash TV!

So I’m posting this later than expected but today has been a great day so far!  To be honest, I’m not sure how much work I’m going to get done the rest of the day, but I’m a happy camper!

Hope your day has been as pleasant as mine!!

Tomorrow is Friday!!! WOO!


16 thoughts on “April Will be AAAAmazing!

  1. Erin says:

    Nice new bowl! I also am not a big fan of April fools day…. Especially when people state THE MOST random things and you say, “Really?” with a questioned voice because it’s so random and they think they believed you! 🙂 Oh well! It was a beautiful day and we get a beautiful weekend too!!!! Are the buds popping on your trees out there? Ours are starting, don’t you just love spring?!! Have a great weekend!

  2. simplyshaka says:

    Trash TV is the best! And I’ve been looking for stuff to add to my netflix queue—Mad Men may be going on there!

    And Omg, I was just posting about the same oats combo and how it was the best combo ever (except I didn’t have almond butter but used unsweetened coconut instead) how funny but I agree, not too intricate but it satisfies!

    And I didn’t get punked at all today, which is good b/c seeing how busy I was I would have gone off on someone if they tried.

  3. Danielle says:

    That is a cute bowl! (Only food bloggers would get excited over dishes 😉 )

    I’m lovin’ this weather too 😀

  4. healthyexposures says:

    Could your start to April GET any better?! Holy cow, glad you had such a great day 🙂 Amazing what sunshine can do.
    Love the bowl – and those oats look stellar. I did laugh a little at the linkage though, haha. I just have this art monster dwelling inside of me that needs exercise at least once a day, and it just comes out in breakfast form, I guess? haha 😛
    That sandwich looks killerrrr – that bread especially!! Yum.
    Aaaand, I totally felt a little vein for complimenting your layout so much when I realized I have the same one, ahaha. whoops. Didn’t even realize until after 😛

  5. Anna says:

    OH man…get ready for season 3. It’s uh-mazing.

    I almost bought that bowl a few days ago! So cute! I love all the Liberty of London stuff!

  6. Laura Georgina says:

    Gorgeous bowl and gorgeous weather!! Ithaca in the spring is just amazing. I like not having a harsh winter (ok, I have NO winter at all) but I really miss the giddiness and anticipation of spring and that feeling you get on the first few nice days of spring. So please go sniff a little flower for me!

  7. sweetandsweat says:

    Your sandwich looks good! Oh the girl that got hit in the head with the roof tile was ok and we were in Le Conte. Berkeley is running down 😦
    Does tempeh taste like chicken/tofu?! It looks like chicken.

  8. louisianagrown says:

    Is your new bowl from Target? I just got a couple that are made the same but with a different pattern, and I LOVE them!

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