Feels Like Spring!

Ahh another beautiful day here in Ithaca!

Look at that sunshine!  I know it sounds really stupid that I’m so excited about sunshine, but seriously it’s a treat here!  Flowers are blooming!

I spent the morning at the Farmer’s Market for the first time this year, since today was opening day!

I walked around and people/food watched.  Sadly, there wasn’t a whole lot of produce yet.  Mostly potatoes and carrots and such, but plenty of baked good!

Enjoyed a spinach ricotta crepe for brunch

Followed by a cup of unsweetened jasmine iced tea.  Amazing.

Played with my new friend, Koda

Isn’t she adorable!?!?  I met her yesterday on campus and ran into her at the Farmer’s Market.  I want one!

Chatted with friends

Overall had an amazing day! I’m not sure if it’s just the sunshine and warmth but I’m feeling a lot better about life.  It’s crazy how little things can really add up.

Are you having amazing weather?