Yellow Cupcakes with Chocolate Icing and Other Delicious Eats

I baked last night! I used Pioneer Woman‘s Recipe for Yellow Cupcakes with Sticky Chocolate Icing.




These may be the best things I’ve ever made, solely based on the icing.  I messed it up a little and used too much sweetened condensed milk and not enough chocolate so it ended up a bit saucy.   Which meant it was perfect for drizzling on popcorn…

My roommate enjoyed!

Along with splitting one with me.  Need to make sure they’re safe to eat after all.

This morning after a rockin’ workout, I dug through the fridge looking for breakfast.  I wasn’t in the mood for oatmeal (gasp) since it was 71 degrees this morning!  Instead, I found some quinoa that needed to be consumed and decided to experiment:

Greek Yogurt + Banana + Quinoa + Ground Flax + Cinnamon = Delicious!

It was particularly amazing with sips of coffee, which leads me to believe it would be delicious to try this but cooking the quinoa in coffee to give it that flavor.  I’ll give that a try at some point and let you know how it goes.

Then I went to class and got my study on.  Remember my to do list from yesterday?  Here’s my progress:

  • Finish Reading Good Governance in the Tropics (self imposed deadline: today… hmm might not happen, 90 50 pgs left)
  • Reading for Urban Transformations in the Global South (need to be done tonight, 3 of 5 readings done so far… Africa makes me sad…)
  • Reading response for above mentioned readings (by tonight at midnight)
  • Readings for Urban Spatial Theory (err… might not get to these)
  • Term Paper on Good Governance book mentioned above (due Tuesday Thursday, no idea what to write about… good governance?)
  • Econ problem set due Thursday (luckily almost done)
  • Methods problem set (basically kicking my butt, spent 4 hours on it Sunday only to do 1.5 questions out of 5… meeting with study group tonight, due Monday)

4 out of 7 things done!  Woo!  Also my paper has been extended and is now due Thursday! Super excited!  I’m actually surprised at how much lower my stress level is now as compared to a month ago.  I guess the changes I’ve made in life have been really helpful!   How are you all holding up with stress?

Back to food…

I came home after class and was pretty much starving.  While this morning I had planned to make a peanut stew (a la stew in a jar), all I really wanted was a HUGE salad.  So I started with a layer of spinach and romaine mixed together, added some sliced cucumber, one piece of artichoke heart and some wheatberries and topped it with some dressing.

Then, the exciting part…

I added a poached egg, because let’s be realistic, everything tastes better with a good runny yolk.

My meal ended with another amazing combo: toast + cottage cheese + jam + flax


Now I’m ready to read more, catch up on blogland (don’t think I’ve looked at the internet today!) and watch the episode of Lost that I missed last night!  Hope you all have a fab night!

P.S.  I was sent this NY Times Article about people who take pictures of food by at least 3 people today… I thought it was cute that some friends thought of me when they saw food photography.  Anyone else see this article and smile?


19 thoughts on “Yellow Cupcakes with Chocolate Icing and Other Delicious Eats

  1. healthyexposures says:

    All of your baked goods come out SO ridiculously picture perfect. I mean – just look at that icing!! Work of art there 🙂
    And look at you taking charge of that to-do list! If only I had that much dedication. I’m off to scope out that article!

  2. Danielle says:

    Woohoo I love crossing stuff off a to-do list (major nerd) 😉

    Those cupcakes look to.die.for. Especially the icing!

  3. Gracie @ Girl Meets Health says:

    Baby girl, I love you and all, but I semi-regret reading this post. Why? Because I’m seriously not going to be a happy girl until I have one of those cupcakes shoved in my face 😛 I kid, I kid =) And I could always settle for some chocolate (or peanut butter…ohh) drizzled popcorn! *searches kitchen for popcorn*

  4. Jill says:

    Okay–long live PW! Her recipes rock–and I see you have executed them wonderfully.

    I really want to make those cupcakes….soon…they will be mine.

    Cooking quinoa in coffee=genius!

  5. sweetandsweat says:

    Why must you make such delicious food when I am hungryyy! Chocolate covered popcorn is da bestt! Congrats on getting lots done too. I can never say that about my lists. I hold up with stress by ..eating. 😦

  6. Lauren says:

    two questions:
    1. Where did you get the wheatberries? Did you cook them?
    2. Did you cook the quinoa or just soak it overnight like overnight oats?
    Please clarify, oh wise one!

    • Karla says:

      1.I got my wheatberrries in the bulk food section of the grocery store, but I think Bob’s Red Mill also has some packaged (guessing it would be in the health food section or the grain isle?). I boil them in water for about an hour then drain any excess water. 2. I used old quinoa I had cooked about a week before. So it was just regular quinoa cooked in water.

      P.S. I did see a cool recipe for quinoa granola that require baking raw quinoa in the oven! I’m intrigued! Let you know when I try it!

  7. balancejoyanddelicias says:

    great job on shortening the to-do list!
    that cupcake is fantastic!!! soooo pretty! and your salad… mmm….. why i never tried adding poached egg to salad? great idea! I’ll try that! 😉

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