Cupcakes and Shoes! What a Hoot!

I woke up this morning feeling like P.Diddy pretty good.  The weather is gross, but all is well in the world.  I hung out with friends and may have done a bit of shopping.

What girl doesn’t need another pair of shoes?

Basically I’m ready for summer.  All I need is somewhere to go in these shoes… and a tan! (Note: No flash was used in this picture.  I hope this is a lighting issue and I’m not actually that pale!)

I also made cupcakes!  I’m dying to get a cake decorating set (any secret admirers out there want to shower me with gifts? ), but in the mean time I’ll make due with a knife, a zip loc bag and my trusty cupcake book.

I cheated.

I used box mix and canned frosting.

After not using box mix/canned frosting for so long, I realized how much better my homemade frosting is!

I hope my friends enjoy them!  Maybe I’ll get to work some of it off by dancing the night away with the chicas!  Who knows? Either way, I’ll probably have a fun time.

Have a great night!!

Random Question:  Favorite type of dog?  or are you a cat person?