Cupcakes and Shoes! What a Hoot!

I woke up this morning feeling like P.Diddy pretty good.  The weather is gross, but all is well in the world.  I hung out with friends and may have done a bit of shopping.

What girl doesn’t need another pair of shoes?

Basically I’m ready for summer.  All I need is somewhere to go in these shoes… and a tan! (Note: No flash was used in this picture.  I hope this is a lighting issue and I’m not actually that pale!)

I also made cupcakes!  I’m dying to get a cake decorating set (any secret admirers out there want to shower me with gifts? ), but in the mean time I’ll make due with a knife, a zip loc bag and my trusty cupcake book.

I cheated.

I used box mix and canned frosting.

After not using box mix/canned frosting for so long, I realized how much better my homemade frosting is!

I hope my friends enjoy them!  Maybe I’ll get to work some of it off by dancing the night away with the chicas!  Who knows? Either way, I’ll probably have a fun time.

Have a great night!!

Random Question:  Favorite type of dog?  or are you a cat person?


15 thoughts on “Cupcakes and Shoes! What a Hoot!

  1. sweetandsweat says:

    This is the cutest thing ever. And I am such a box mix whore! (am I allowed to use that word, oh well). I always rely on non scratch ingredients when I bake.
    TOTAL dog person. I have two beagles at home and they’re the greatest things since slices wheat bread.
    I did Kickboxing the other day with Shane. Did you have her as an instructor when youwere here?

  2. healthyexposures says:

    Cute shoes and even CUTER cupcakes!! Holy cow. You are so talented with your baking 🙂 I hope all our friends know how lucky they are 😛
    And I am SUCH a dog person. Love big dogs! Shephards, huskies, akitas, rottweilers, pit bulls – basically, any dog that is stereotyped as mean and aggressive. I get really upset when I hear people stereotyping them, too.
    I hope you have a great night tonight!

  3. Evan Thomas says:

    Cheated or not, those are cute! Though I have to say the ingredients on canned frosting scare me
    Even though I have a west highland white terrier, I must say the breed’s a pain, as much as I love mine.

  4. Danielle says:

    Those are the cutest cupcakes I’ve ever seen! Seriously, I would want to frame them instead of eating them 😀

    Love the new shoes!

  5. balancejoyanddelicias says:

    these are the cutest cupcake i’ve ever seen!!!!
    yes, every girl needs ALWAYS another pair of shoes!

    I’ve never had animals at home, so i don’ t really what I’d like… never thought about it.

  6. simplyshaka says:

    Love the sandals!!! I am so happy spring is here and I can start breaking them out again. And those cupcakes are one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!

    My favorite kind of dog is Lincoln of course but I am equal opporunity 🙂 I think Pomeranians are one of the cutest things ever.

  7. Kelly says:

    Bahhaha loved that first line. I always think that whenever I use the phrase, “wake up in the morning…”

    hmmmm cats a no go for me, I’m way allergic. but dogs I love them all, literally, probs my fave breed being boring, but I have a soft spot for yellow labs, had one growing up, form when I was about 2 to 14, loved her to pieces.

  8. Laura Georgina says:

    Don’t know what I love more–the shoes or the cupcakes! Oh goodness, I want both, and good thing I didn’t see the sandals before I went shopping today, or I would have come back with shoes and a guilty conscience 🙂

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