Way Too Hot To Cook

The past few days have been HOT HOT HOT and not in a good way.   That doesn’t mean I haven’t done fun things

The past few days I’ve:

  • Gone on a trail run in a wild flower preserve.
  • Swam in a creek with a waterfall with a dog here:

This photo is not mine and I don’t know those, but that’s where we swam and it was great 🙂

  • Failed at making black and white cookies

  • Got 3 huge bunches of kale, 1 bunch of lettuce, 1 bok choy and strawberries in my CSA.
  • Enjoyed a salad made with my goodies

  • Started making some dresses

  • Made sangria

On the Agenda for Today:
-Work/Internship Stuff
– Play with ice cream maker my neighbor let me borrow. Interested in beer and wine?  Check out his blog!
-Check the mail every 10 minutes to see if the exciting thing I ordered online arrives!
-and realistically I’ll probably watch a soccer game at some point…

Have a great day!


9 thoughts on “Way Too Hot To Cook

    • Karla says:

      I’m not sure if you’re technically allowed to swim there but there were a ton of people swimming 🙂 Yeah… we decided to be a little ambitious this summer. They’re going to be some interesting looking dresses!

  1. healthyexposures says:

    ooh, such fun things! i agree – must see the dresses when you’re done. i’ve always wished i had a cool talent like sewing – the closest i got was some ribbon on my saddle pad 😛
    the summer salad looks great, too!

  2. Nicole says:

    Cookie fail? They look amazing to me!! 🙂 The sangria MAY look a bit more amazing though 🙂

    Making dresses? That’s amazing! I could never ever ever!!

  3. simplyshaka says:

    That swimming hole looks awesome! I was about to ask when you got a dog and then I had fun thoughts of your new dog and Lincoln skyping 🙂

    Sangria and dress making? When can I come over??!

  4. Lauren says:

    Hi Karla,
    So, give me your take on the World Cup finale. I hear that the “losers” are sore losers…and the vivuzula ???? I need your summation post! I demand it! I want to hear Karla roar!

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