Little known fact about me: I love spy movies.  A lot.

Last night, I saw

I was entertained.  Probably a little over the top (okay REALLY over the top) but better than a lot of other movies I’ve seen recently.

For some reason, movies always portray spy life as pretty glamorous.  It’s probably not, but it’s still my secret dream job.  In the meantime, I’ll fake the glamorous lifestyle.

For example: Last week, the Biscotti Queen and I made a glamorous cocktail.

I scoop of your sorbet of choice (we used grapefruit)

Top it off with champagne.

Let it fizzle.


Okay so life’s not going to be that glamorous the next few weeks.  I’m moving twice in the next 2 weeks!  Not fun! But before that there’s the weekend!  Have a good one!


5 thoughts on “Glamorous

  1. Karin says:

    I can’t wait to see Salt! I’m a huge fan of spy films as well (though no surprise here – since we are twins and all, hehe). No idea why everyone was on team Jennifer.. Angelina’s so much cooler!

  2. healthyexposures says:

    The cocktail looks delicious!! Good thinking 🙂 And wow – that’s a lot of moving. You are braver than I! I don’t think there’s anything worse than moving. Are you headed back west?

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