A Lesson in Nutella

Being in Italy, does not give me license to eat Nutella like it’s going out of style.

I ate this jar in about 5 days.

The entire container was 200g.  Each serving is 15g, meaning there were about 13.3 servings in this little glass container.  That would mean I ate a little less than 3 servings per day.

While that’s not terrible, let’s not forget the first two ingredients: zucchero e olio vegetale.

Translation: sugar and vegetable oil.

Transitive Property: No more Nutella for me.

For now 🙂

Anyone else go crazy for Nutella?


16 thoughts on “A Lesson in Nutella

  1. healthyexposures says:

    The jars are so much cooler over there! Anything in glass jars take superiority since I can re-use them, haha. I’ve only ever seen them in plastic over here…
    And gasp – I’ve never actually had Nutella! I heard they’re having a lawsuit brought against them for falsely advertising that it’s a healthy spread or something…which I think is a little ridiculous because it’s not like the ingredients and nutrition facts are hidden. Sigh…

  2. sweetandsweat says:

    Doesn’t nutella have a spot on the foodgroup pyramid in Italy?!
    But I understand your love for nutella. here it’s dulce de leche. I eat that with my fingers as getting a fork is too damn far away.

  3. simplyshaka says:

    Haha, I am glad to see it’s that tasty. I’ve had a bite here and there but never had my own jar…..until this wk. My sister thought it would be nice to send me a jar of Nutella for Valentines Day. I am 31 and single so why not send me a jar of goodness that will make my ass even bigger than it already is? I need help with that.

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