The Most Disgusting Pizza I’ve Ever Had

Who knew there could be terrible pizza in Italy.  But trust me.  There is.  I witnessed it tonight.

I’m going to blame all this on the fact that I don’t speak enough Italian to ask “what is on this pizza?”

I saw artichokes and thought hmmm that looks delicious.  I’ll have that one.

Upon arriving home with my pretty little piece of pizza slices wrapped in paper,

I took one bite to find that the topping was something fishy.

Like some sort of tuna salad with mayo (but fishier), slathered on top of a perfectly good pizza base.

I couldn’t even eat it.  I even tried scraping off all the topping but that fishiness was all up in there good.  Into the trash it went.

I feel ill.

This must be God telling me that I shouldn’t be eating pizza during the week.

I should have stuck with the canned soup I originally intended to have.


4 thoughts on “The Most Disgusting Pizza I’ve Ever Had

  1. Sarah says:


    My friend and I have been a loyal fans of foodologie for quite some time now and we were elated when we learned you were spending time in Rome. We lived in Rome for the fall semester 2009.

    Tuna pizza was definitely a surprise but for me it was a nice one. I think that you may have just gotten an unlucky batch. The best one I had was at a small pizza cafe off a side street of Via Del Corso past the Column of Marcus Aurelius.

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