My Newest Obsession

I have a new obsession.  You’ll be surprised to learn that it’s not food related.

All of a sudden it seems wrong to NOT wear lipstick.

It makes me feel sassy and fun!

A few months ago, I avoided lipstick at all costs.

Sister, you were right.  Every time you made me wear lipstick to events, you were right, it makes you look better.  Why did I ever doubt you?

Now, I can go to the store sans eye make up.

But no lipstick?  No dice!

Wonder how long this will last… or maybe I should just work on changing the eye make up situation.


7 thoughts on “My Newest Obsession

  1. actorsdiet says:

    it’s funny; i have been a gloss girl for the last decade but in the last 2 weeks i’ve been shooting a movie and the makeup artists keep using lipstick on me. i’m turning around!

  2. boo says:

    disclaimer: what this picture does not accurately show are Karla’s mile long eyelashes. she never needs eye make-up, as she generally looks like she’s wearing falsies and/or starring in a latisse commercial.

  3. Jesica @ Pencil Kitchen says:

    I’ve started wearing lipstick recently too!!! And the look will always feel unfinished without them!! My favorite is combining colors. Light nude as the base… a dab of striking hot pink at the centre of both lips and smudge it out. It looks natural… As if you’ve just eaten a popsicle. (but deep down inside you’ll be proud of your own creation) Are you still obsessed with wearing lipsticks?

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