Birthday Cake in a Jar

Remember how I made a blueberry pie for myself instead of a birthday cake?

I couldn’t really pass up making a birthday cake.  Luckily, two friends had birthdays last week as well.  We had what I like to call a “collective cumpleaños” celebration and I wanted to make a cake.  Here was the problem.  Our collective gathering involved a bonfire on the beach.  Not really conducive to a huge layer cake.

Instead, I had an idea.  Birthday cake in a jar.

I made it with layers of spicy chocolate cake, spicy chocolate mousse and cinnamon buttercream.  Then I put in a jar, wrote happy birthday on top, taped a candle to it and put a bow on top.

Instant and highly-portable gift!

Ok I promise I’ll try to stop putting things in jars for a while.  My sister gave me an ice cream maker for my birthday.  That might be my next kick.

Got any ice cream recipe suggestions?

Oh and don’t forget to enter the Stonyfield Summer in a Box giveaway!


12 thoughts on “Birthday Cake in a Jar

    • Karla says:

      The ones I made held up pretty well for a few days, even not refrigerated. They tend to not dry out since they’re in the jar. I would refrigerate them and I think they’ll last up to a week.

    • Karla says:

      Yes you could probably mail it. I’ve never tried but my guess is yes. I would recommend freezing it first (so that it lasts longer and holds the shape better, at least for a while). Anything you write on the top in frosting might be destroyed but it should be fine.

      Also, I would write the receiver a note letting them know they need to eat it ASAP or freeze it 🙂

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