Goats in Guatemala

Hi friends! I’ve been MIA a few days (almost 2 weeks?). I apologize. I’ve been in Guatemala visiting family. I’ll tell you more about it when I get back but first… Goats

This morning we heard the neighbors dogs barking like crazy. So I peeked outside to look and it was a bunch of goats.


So I got some goats milk because 5 quetzales for a cup of fresh milk (less than US$ 1) seems like a good deal. Plus I’ve never had fresh goat milk, so why not.

The guy milked the goat right there in front of the door

Then handed me a cup of milk


Then I realized I should probably try it and for some reason that freaked me out…

I took a sip, then thought about it

Tried it again



I won’t lie. It was tastier than cow milk, but the fact that it was warm and foamy was a little off putting.
But in the end, glad I tried it.
See you all when I get back!