Banana Birthday Cake for My Mom

Today is Memorial Day, but it’s also my mother’s birthday.  While you’re all probably grilling and pie-making, I made a cake to celebrate a very special lady.


My mom claims to not like cake and dessert, but really I know she’s just picky.  She loves certain desserts and she loves everything banana.  No crazy combinations here, because of her picky palate, I went the simple route.

I made a simple banana cake like the little banana cake I made before (recipe doubled for a full cake), but with a few changes to the filling


I whipped up a ton of whipped cream with sugar and a touch of vanilla for filling and frosting, fried some bananas with rum and added some slivered almonds.


and ta-da! A birthday cake just for my mother.  I added some fresh flowers for a pop of color.


Happy Birthday Mom!

Is your mother picky about desserts like mine?  I feel like that’s one thing my children will never have to worry about.  I’ll pretty much enjoy anything.


9 thoughts on “Banana Birthday Cake for My Mom

  1. drmara says:

    Looks beautiful! When you put something slippery like bananas between cake layers, how do you keep it all together and so pretty? I always worry that with one bump the top cake later will just slide off the bottom one! Do you have any tricks?

    • Karla @ Foodologie says:

      I put whipped cream under and above the banana (you can sorta see it in the pic). That kept it in place. Then I make sure to press the top layer down pretty firmly so it digs in. I’ve never had an issue with a cake falling over, another tip is to keep it chilled so that the frosting and filling stays firm and holds it all together.

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