Green Dinner and a Vitamix

I think this week I overloaded my body. I had a hard time sleeping, I ate wayyyy too much sugar and I have a panic attack pretty much daily Monday through Wednesday.

I mentioned last time that I’m taking the first step at trying something new… so in doing so, I invested in some technology, mainly a camera and a new computer. I really was due for a new computer anyway (5 years for a laptop is a good life), but let me just tell you a little bit about myself: I get major anxiety when it comes to making large purchases.  I have no idea what’s going to happen to me when it comes time for me to buy a house.  I’ll probably need therapy.

So new camera. New Computer.  That was a lot of new technology for me.  But let me tell you about something else. You know what a Vitamix is?

Of course you do.  You’re reading a food blog.  Ok well.  I won a Vitamix.  I know.  I was shocked.  My brother-in-law told me he thought I was going to explode when I found out.   How did I win?  Way back when, I entered a Driscoll’s Berries sweepstakes.  And I won!  Crazy, right?

If I wasn’t sipping a smoothie I just made in the Vitamix I probably wouldn’t believe it myself.


Because of the new computer, Vitamix and camera, I sort of freaked out.  My reaction was to not touch it all and to eat a lot of chocolate and peanut butter.  Seriously so much chocolate and peanut butter that I thought for a minute I did some major harm to my body.

So after some sleep and a self-pep talk, I’m back into my whole be-good-to-yourself-for-your-birthday-deal.

Roasted Chicken2

I ate roasted chicken with vegetables for lunch.  Then for dinner, I wanted green things.


I had a smoothie made with Banana, Mango, Spinach and water, and because I like to chew things: my favorite 7 Superfoods Salad from Costco.  Delicious.

Ok so I’m done freaking out.  I promise.  I’ll continue to be a normal human being again.  So want to know what’s coming up soon?

Well I’ve got these guys to tell you aboutbuttermilkbars

and Sunday I have another EPIC food party planned.  Remember the Chicken and Waffles Party?  Think similar but with peanut butter… There might be some free PB in store for you guys too!

Thanks for baring with me while I had a mini freak out caused by technology.

Have a fantastic night!


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