Happy Birthday to Jesse

The great thing about dating someone who has a food blog is that you get to eat wonderful things like this:


The second most wonderful thing is that they get to post public and embarrassing Happy Birthday messages to you via their blog.  So here it comes… Happy Birthday, Jesse!

Thanks for being awesome and helping me roast an entire goat… well really you roasted the whole thing just because I wanted to and I think that’s amazing.


Thanks for putting up my crazy eating habits and not breaking up with me when I decided to try the Paleo diet.


Thanks for being my helper when I decide I want to make a Chicken and Waffles meal for 8 people, especially when I get flustered because I can’t pull the oven rack out.


Thanks for being a trooper when I tell everyone which Peanut Butter sandwich is yours (even though your identity is supposed to be concealed) prior to voting in the Peanut Butter Throwdown… I’m still really sorry about that.


Thanks for sitting and smiling when I make you be the subject of my photo practicing.


You probably deserve more than this pie


But that’s what you asked for.  So a creamy pumpkin pie (in July) is what you’ll get (along with a few other gifts).

Have a wonderful birthday!  Love you lots! And thanks for putting up with all the silly things that come along with dating someone with a food blog 😀


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