Technical Difficulties and My Baking Wish List

Hi All.  I have so many things to tell you about… OC Restaurant Week (that’s happening now!), my first attempt at mac and cheese, gnocchi making.  So many things!

But sadly, I’m having technical difficulties with some photos and my internet just plain sucking most days.  So while I get that sorted out, let’s talk about things I’ve been dying to make lately, but haven’t had a chance to…

(Image from Martha Stewart)

Crepe Cake.  I don’t even really like crepes.  I just want to make tons of crepes, and layer them with some amazingly delicious fillings.  I have so many ideas for a wonderful crepe cake.  I hope it happens soon.  If you’ve made one tell me if it’s amazing or not.


Bake Bread.  I haven’t made bread in a really long time.  In fact, I think the last bread I made was the Challah in the photo above.  I’d love to make a good, hearty wheat bread, or maybe some pretzel rolls.

Along those lines… bread pudding.  I made some not too long ago, but I didn’t try it and I hated my photos.  That probably means I need to remake it.   Sometimes I still reminisce about this Bourbon Bread Pudding I made a long time ago…



I’m also really curious to experiment with new flours and healthier baking options.  I remember I made that Bourbon Bread Pudding because I made some wheat berry bread that didn’t taste very good.  Back then I used to experiment.  What happened to that?

Well I’m off to take my Dad to the airport.  Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend and making (and eating) lots of tasty things!

What’s on your list of things to make?


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