First Birthday Cake

Today is my nephew’s first birthday! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since he was born.  The kid just keeps getting cuter.


This past week I’ve been agonizing over the fact that I was going to make him a birthday cake.  I started feeling extremely guilty that I was going to make a 1 year old a mini birthday cake full of sugar and fat, because at this point he’s too little to actually know he wants it. Earlier this week, my guilt got the best of me and I decided I was going to make a (refined) sugar-free cake.

I tried out a recipe, and it was a flop.  The next day I discussed it with the baby-daddy (aka my brother-in-law) and he made a good point: It’s his birthday.  He’s NEVER eaten cake. He probably won’t again until his next birthday.  It’s ok for him to have cake on his birthday.

That’s when I decided to make a regular cake.  Despite the fact that I felt like I was killing his little insides and firing up a sugar addiction, the reality is, that’s probably not true.

Graham is getting this cake.


It’s the Little Banana Cake with some whipped cream as filling and icing.  I made this a few months ago, but this time even littler.  I think it’s kinda cute and I can’t wait to see him dig into it.

What do you think? Should we give One-Year-Olds a regular cake or a lower sugar version?

P.S. Obviously I don’t have kids and am not an expert. I’m just a loving aunt who doesn’t want her nephew to develop a sugar addiction.  So feel free to comment regardless of whether or not you have kids.



11 thoughts on “First Birthday Cake

  1. Anjana @ At The Corner Of Happy & Harried says:

    Adorable cake!!!
    As a mom, I can tell you this much. I feel that instead of closeting our kids and not letting them face life (and it’s temptations in the form of fats and sugar!) as it is, we must arm them with the knowledge of what’s good for them. And that is an evolving process as they grow up. If the parents don’t eat cake and chips and drink soda every day, trust me, the kid is going to turn out fine. It’s not like he is old enough to get his own food!
    So, what I’m saying is, his dad is right. Let him eat cake. It won’t harm him. And stop beating yourself up. You are an awesome aunt!

  2. lovinghomemade says:

    Either he will like sugar or he won’t – I have two kids, one has a really sweet tooth and the other is more into savoury and they have both been brought up the same! Moderation in all things is my motto and once a year won’t be a problem at this point… Very cute!

  3. Elaine says:

    My niece took a bite of her first birthday cupcake and spit it out. Then went to play on the playground. She’d never had refined sugar before and apparently didn’t like it.

    She just turned 6 and asked for a mango mousse cake for her birthday. She also asked for chicken apple sausage and broccoli for her birthday dinner. And she’s the only kid I know who asked for cauliflower and Brussels sprouts for Thanksgiving dinner. So there’s that.

  4. misha says:

    that is an adorable little guy if i’ve ever seen one. quite the stylish hat as well.

    as a general rule, little kids love cake. babies especially. they love it so much, sometimes they find it a waste to eat it. i’ve known a few babies who choose to bath themselves in their first cake instead of eat it.

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