Getting Back on the Healthy Train and Starting Crossfit Again

I live and die by schedules.  I love checklists, to-dos and deadlines.

I love to know exactly what I have to done and when it has to be done.  In work, that’s great.  I get things done quickly.  In life, it means when my schedule gets thrown off, I have a hard time maintaining sanity.

Moving to the Bay Area has really thrown off my schedule.  It used to be I’d wake up at 5:30, be at the gym by 6am (or out for a run), be at work by 8:15.  My morning schedule was great.  I was used to it.  I was so productive.  Exercising in the morning makes me feel great.

Then the past few months happened.  We went to Mexico and Guatemala, we moved and got settled and all that went away, especially because I work remotely while I look for a new job up here.

Moving is hard.  It’s hard to get used to a new place and get your bearings.

So while all that was happening, I basically ate terribly and didn’t exercise.


(Please see my Instagram for more details)

But all that said, it’s finally all coming together. But it’s not magic, it takes work (and contrary to what other blogs like to tell you, getting healthy is not always fun).

I’m figuring out my schedule.  I also found a new Crossfit.  I’ve been 3 times so far and let me be perfectly honest with you, going to a new crossfit is scary.  You’re not sure what to expect, because every box is different, and people are different.

I think I’ve lucked out, because everyone has been extremely nice.  But it’s still scary, and I miss my old box with my set of friends and coaches that I like.

I had to make myself go this morning.  I was dreading it, because I was scared.  But once I got there and did the workout, I had a great time (p.s. my back squat 1 rep max has gone down by 22lbs, I’ve got work to do).

The key for me to stick with it is to just make myself do it.  I don’t have my running buddy anymore, so I need to find other ways to make it work.  My solution: Nike it.

Then there’s eating healthy.  I’ve struggled, because cheese and cake are delicious.


So just like how I have to force myself to exercise, I currently have to force myself to eat well.  I’m trying, because I pretty much want to eat Chinese food and cake for every meal.  I cleaned out my fridge and left only non-processed foods and made normal meals for myself trying to balance protein and carbs.



Healthy and colorful meals can be awesome.  They just take some getting used to, because I’m convinced your palate changes after eating a certain way for a few weeks.  Being healthy is important and let’s be honest, sometimes it’s not fun and you just want to eat cake (I can’t be alone in this sentiment).

There’s a time for cake, but right now, it’s time for vegetables.  And let’s not forget, I’m getting married next year, now is not the time to start gaining weight.  I’m also not into crash diets, so probably a good idea to just maintain my weight for the next year (or lifetime?).

Do you have any tips for getting healthy after being off-track for a while?


6 thoughts on “Getting Back on the Healthy Train and Starting Crossfit Again

  1. anutritionisteats says:

    I can definitely relate! I’m just like you with schedules and with the arrival of Demi, my schedule was completely thrown off! I’m starting to get back to ‘regular’ life and I think that planning and prepping food makes a huge difference. Right now, I’m focusing on salads for lunch (like I used to eat!).

  2. Allie @ Sweet Potato Bites says:

    your running buddy misses you too! 😉 guess we will have to plan runs when we are both in the same city!

    i hear you on the healthy eating…even after just a week on vacation i’m like “what do you mean i can’t have rose wine and cheese and chocolate at every meal?” i would like the recipe for that mac n’ cheese though….,

    • Karla @ Foodologie says:

      Gah yes! So easy to fall into the habit of daily treats and so hard to get out of it.

      I wish I had a recipe for the Mac n Cheese, but I just winged it, no measuring: butter, flour, milk, mustard, cheese, salt, pepper, noodles. BAM!

  3. Duane & Todd says:

    Oh!! Schedules!! In this lifetime I’ve never had routine like that. As a. Nurse working shifts it was just never possible. So I can (and at the same time can not) relate. Recently my hubby and I began to get our life/weight back on the rails. Forcing myself to TRY and find routine and patterns hasn’t been easy at all!!! Of course some hard work and PLANNING have shown results!! (If you plan/shop/portion everything in your fridge we find it helps!). Loved your blog post!!! http://Www.Duanescottblog.Wordpress.Com

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