Kitchen Tour: Where Foodologie Happens

Not sure if you’re familiar but The Kitchn does Kitchn Tours, where they feature various people’s kitchens.  Most of them are fancy and amazing kitchens of influential people in the food world, and I simply love them.

I think it’s because I’m nosy.  I always want to know what people’s kitchens are like.  Not just famous people but everyday people, especially bloggers.  I see their delicious work, and I’m always dying to know where it happens.  I assume everyone has amazing kitchens with every gadget available.  But then I think hmm well mine isn’t amazing…

So with that, I’ve decided to share my kitchen with you.

This is my teeny tiny kitchen in my teeny tiny studio.  It’s not much, but this is where Foodologie happens.


No really, that’s pretty much all there is too it.


In case you don’t believe me, here’s a video to prove it.

So my kitchen is tiny and strange.  It’s not fancy.  I  own 1 pot, 2 pans, 2 baking sheets, 1 cupcake pan, some cake pans and let’s be honest four pie dishes…  My toaster was only $7.99 from Target, my microwave is on loan from my sister and my blinds consistently fall when I pull on the string.

But I still love it and everything that comes from it…

Like this Bourbon Banana Pie

My kitchen is a winner, but let’s be honest.  I hope to one day have a kitchen as awesome as the ones I see in Kitchn Tours.

Tell me about your kitchen!  Any other bloggers want to do a tour of their kitchen to make me happy?


8 thoughts on “Kitchen Tour: Where Foodologie Happens

  1. Ava says:

    I like your kitchen,its clean and bright,and you can bake. Thats what matters! We live like Queens compare to the days of open fire and wood.Plus there are some that have grand kitchens and don’t cook at all.p.s. love the yellow chairs …Ava

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