Knock Knock

Today as I was unpacking my suitcase (yes it’s taken me this long and still not done), piled among my clothes was a prize I won from Carrots N Cake‘s 12 day of giveaways!  Pretty exciting!  I had never won a giveaway!

My prize was to choose anything I wanted from Knock Knock.  Naturally, I chose the most food related thing on there… The Chef Planning Kit!

I can’t wait to put it to use for a gathering! I especially love the pin:

They have a bunch of my funny things.  I’ve seen Knock Knock products in gift shops and card stores a lot.  They’re always entertaining.  Some of my favorites: the Shit List and the Fashion Citation Nifty Note.

In other news, I’ve been a bit of a Debbie Downer the past few days.  However, I’m changing that now!  Today, I’ve been trying to smile more.

When you smile, you feel better!  Smile! Click Here for some reasons to smile!

But really there’s no reason not to smile!


Reaching My Goals

I made it back to LA tonight.  I spent the evening watching the news with the madre.  She then informed me that she had something for me.  This is quite strange in my family… not the buying things but the surprise aspect…

Example: The past few Christmases/Birthdays I’ve been buying my presents and wrapping them myself then signing the card “Mami y Papi” or “Santa”… get the idea?

What was this surprise?

A fantastic sparkly, leopard print sweater that I saw at Macy’s last week when we went shopping.  This will come in handy as one of my goals for 2010 is to dress better (or really just get dressed everyday…).  I love sweaters!  Thanks, Madre!

The next exciting thing is this: the Madre’s make up drawer (my mom is a sassy one in case you haven’t noticed)

Eye shadow and lip gloss.

I’ve decided to start wearing lip gloss.  How does this fit into my goals for 2010?

One of my goals was to stop talking about the things I don’t like about myself and accept myself the way I am (if not fix it).

Well, I’m going to do that.  I never wear lip gloss or lipstick (with the exception of Halloween or themed parties) because I don’t like my lips.  Certain things can’t be changed.  I can’t make my lips smaller.  So instead I’m learning to accept myself.  My brother can tease me all he wants but I’m embracing the bigness/fullness/voluptuousness of my lips and rocking some pink lip gloss from now on!

Is there anything you have learned to embrace about yourself?  Any works in progress?

P.S. Another step toward reaching my 2010 goals will be revealed as I get back to Ithaca on Saturday!  Stay Tuned!