Things That Don’t Make It on the Blog

I’m not sure what I did before I had a blog.  Did I just prepare food and eat it or give it away?  Wait, let me think back a few years…

Oh, yeah.  I guess not. I didn’t always try to attractively plate my food and photograph it.  (Duh, only crazy people do that)

Truth be told, I don’t always photograph things.  But friends, there’s another strange phenomenon that happens behind the Foodologie scenes…

Sometimes I make things, photograph them and DO NOT blog about it.

Gasp. You’re probably thinking, oh man what missed opportunities!

I know.   It breaks my heart too.

So obviously this raises the question: are other blogger doing this too?  Making things and then having the audacity to NOT share it with readers?  I might be the only jerk out there who withholds baked goods from the blog world.

So I guess it’s time for me to repent.  In the spirit of transparency, here are a few things that didn’t make the blog…

Exhibit A:  Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies

I baked and mailed them to a friend…

I think they were delicious; it was a while ago, but yes, I remember them being tasty.  I had this grand idea of a series of blog posts involving friends, sadly this friend did not follow through, neither did another one for whom I made some hazelnut pinwheel cookies.  Such is life.  I’m not losing sleep over it.

Exhibit B: Bourbon Apple Pie

Haven’t I given you enough pies with bourbon in them?  Sometimes I worry you all will tire of my pies.  I still make them and feed them to people, but sometimes I just don’t feel the need to repeat a recipe, change one thing then call it something new.  Hint: if you make my bourbon peach pie and replace the peaches with apples, you’ll get the pie photographed above.

Exhibit C: Peanut Butter Banana Caramel Bars (renamed by my office: Karmely Yum Bars)

Yes they were that delicious.  They even got named for their goodness.

I’m not sure why I never blogged about these.  Oh yeah, I completely forgot how I made them.  Note to self: write down your ingredients when you create a recipe.

I’ll try my best to remake these, because honestly, they were to die for.

Exhibit D: My quest to make the perfect lemon pound cake.

Really I’ve tried at least 10 times.  It’s still not perfect.  I’ve gotten close but not quite.  I refuse to post a recipe that’s anything less than divine.  The last one I tried, this past week, was close.  I took it to work and it was gone before noon.

That’s a good sign, but I wasn’t pleased. The quest continues.  If I post a lemon pound cake recipe on this blog, be assured that is really is the most amazing thing on Earth.

So there you have it.  I’ve let it all out.  No secrets here.  Isn’t that nice of me?

Truth be told: I can’t promise I won’t do this again…  Like with those ceviche spring rolls I made a few weeks ago…