Mop or Swiffer?

This summer I moved 3 times.

First, into an apartment I was subletting for the summer.

Then for 2 weeks into the Biscotti Queen’s co-op.

Then finally, into my permanent apartment for the year.

Love it.  It’s old and most definitely has “character.” Example: teal bathroom that makes me smile with a funny little closet that reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

It would use a little more natural light, but Ithaca doesn’t get much sunshine most of the year anyway so I’ll deal.  Check out my makeshift work station until my roommate comes back with a wireless router.

I also seem to already be dominating the kitchen.

Then again the kitchen probably gets more use than my bedroom.

In other news, you’ll be happy to know that the Sahara Desert was under my bedroom rug.

Isn’t that crazy?!? There was literally a pile of dirt/sand/dust under the rug!  About 3 dust pans full!

Now that that is taken care of, my room can start to resemble comfy/homey-ness.

So let me get to the title of this post.  Mop or Swiffer?

Which do you prefer?

I have a Swiffer Wet Mop but I’m out of the wet pads.  I could either buy more replacements or get a mop. I feel like I’d like to explore the possibility of a mop.

I like that the Swiffer is quick and easy.  But I hate that I have to use at least 2 swiffer pads to get things really clean.

I’ve never really used a mop so I think that could be fun for a bit.