Birthday Cake in a Jar

Remember how I made a blueberry pie for myself instead of a birthday cake?

I couldn’t really pass up making a birthday cake.  Luckily, two friends had birthdays last week as well.  We had what I like to call a “collective cumpleaños” celebration and I wanted to make a cake.  Here was the problem.  Our collective gathering involved a bonfire on the beach.  Not really conducive to a huge layer cake.

Instead, I had an idea.  Birthday cake in a jar.

I made it with layers of spicy chocolate cake, spicy chocolate mousse and cinnamon buttercream.  Then I put in a jar, wrote happy birthday on top, taped a candle to it and put a bow on top.

Instant and highly-portable gift!

Ok I promise I’ll try to stop putting things in jars for a while.  My sister gave me an ice cream maker for my birthday.  That might be my next kick.

Got any ice cream recipe suggestions?

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