Strawberry Basil Gin & Tonic and The Weekend

After a long week, sometimes you need a drink.  This week was pretty rough.  On Thursday, I pulled a muscle in my lower back while working out.  Someone suggested I have a drink to relax the muscles.  Worth a try.


I’m not a big drinker, but I love a good gin and tonic.  And you know me, I love to spice things up.  So I decided to give give it a few little tweeks and this is what I came up with:


Strawberry Basil Gin and Tonic

2 oz gin
2 strawberries, sliced1-2 basil leaves, chopped
4-6 oz tonic water
twist of lime

Muddle together the strawberries and basil.  Add the gin and mix together.  Pour over ice.  Squeeze in some lime juice, top with tonic water and serve.


Serving it in a mason jar is totally ok.  This is about relaxing.  Mason jars are laid back.  They’re also for hipsters or people who are too cheap to buy real glasses.  Glasses are also allowed.  They’re fancier.

Either way, get your sip on.

So that was Friday.

Saturday, I met up with Allie from Sweet Potato Bites.  We realized we live like 2 miles away from each other and thought we should probably meet up for a doughnut.


Because that’s what foodies do.  So we headed to Sidecar Doughnuts and I had a tasty yeast doughnut with chocolate and salt.

Sooo good.  Allie was awesome!  I’m excited to have made friends with a cool blogger.  After our 2 hour chat session, I headed to a thrift shop where I bought exciting things for my upcoming Chicken and Waffle party.

You heard that right.  Chicken and Waffles party.  It’s going to be epic.  I’ll tell you more about it when it rolls around.

Sunday, was also awesome.  Well that’s today.  Jesse and I are celebrating our 1.5 versary, because we’re cool like that.    So we had brunch at Public Kitchen in The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.


I bought a Travel Zoo deal for brunch for two.  While it was nice scenery, and the bathrooms were awesome…


Brunch was meh.  It ended up costing $55 for a glorified continental breakfast.  It probably doesn’t help that I don’t really like buffets.  I’d much rather just get a plate of food.  Jesse and I both don’t eat enough to feel like buffets are worth it.  Nothing was omg-amazing-must-have.  But oh well.  It was still a nice time.

After brunch, we headed back to OC.  Jesse needed to work and I did arts and crafts…


Now we’re enjoying cucumber-basil water and trying to figure out what to have for dinner (or am, while Jesse works).

Overall, it’s been a great weekend.  Can’t complain, not even about the fact that my back hurts.  Maybe I need another drink? What do you think?

What was the highlight of your weekend?


21 thoughts on “Strawberry Basil Gin & Tonic and The Weekend

  1. Elaine says:

    Rest up girlie! Sleeping with a pillow under your knees tends to relieve pressure in the low back. Move like a robot and bend at your knees, not your waist. Also, please tell me more about your golden bottles. And yeah, that drink looks

    • Karla @ Foodologie says:

      I will most definitely tell you more about the golden bottles. I’m so pleased with them!

      Thanks for the tips! Trying to remember to keep my back straight, also sleeping on my back is hard. woh woh.

  2. allie@sweetpotatobites says:

    hahaha i am giving serious face with that doughnut – love it! so glad we were able to meet up – cheers to awesome doughnuts and becoming real-life friends 🙂

    ps – strawberry basil g&t sounds awesome
    pps – i’m like way too excited for your chicken and waffles party!

  3. Gabby Voeller says:

    It was my 1.5 anniversary this weekend too! I celebrated by skiing and planting an herb garden. That drink looks delicious…will have to wait until the basil is a bit bigger.

  4. Jennifer White says:

    I’m going to suggest it to my Mother-in-law for this weekend she loves a good drink and a even better Gin 😉

  5. nowyourecookin says:

    Oh my gosh! One of my best friends just posted about Sidecar donuts the other day. I have to go to Orange for a dentist appointment in a few weeks, so I figure I might as well travel down to Costa Mesa while I’m there! I love how you styled your gin & tonic, those always remind me of old Hollywood for some reason, so I like the vintage-y necklace you added!

  6. Kendra says:

    Karla, this is Kendra from Sara’s wedding this summer. Randomly found this recipe on Pinterest and was delighted to see I’d met the creator in real life! 😉 Thanks for the delicious drink. My husband made it tonight in the dead of winter, and it was a refreshing reminder of the springtime to come.

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