Balance Out the Sweet

I woke up this morning to find a package had been delivered for me!

My friend Sara sent me biscotti she made!  It’s absolutely delicious!  Chocolate cherry with nutty goodness!  I had to have a piece with my coffee!  Soo good!  Thanks, mam!

I can never get my biscotti to taste that good.  Must be her Italian-ness that makes it so good!

My banana bread was also ready so I had to try a piece of that too to make sure it was edible.

Not bad. I’ve made better.  (I’m kind of a tough judge when it comes to my own baking/cooking)

To balance out all that sugar, I had a green monster for breakfast (or really kind of second breakfast since I ate so many things this morning haha). I enjoyed this while watching Beyonce Revealed on E!  Thank you E! for feeding by obsession!

I’m going to the Bay Area tonight!  Woo!  I can’t wait!


Shopping, Chinese and Bananas

I’ve been a bum all day long.  I’m going to confess that I’ve been re-watching season 2 of True Blood because I finished the Sookie Stackhouse series.  Apparently I can’t get enough… or maybe I’m just super bored…

After watching about 4 episodes and admiring Alexander Skarsgard, my mom and I went shopping.  I got a cami and a sparkly sweater!

Then we met up with my Dad for some Chinese food.  We have gone to this place since I was a little girl.  All the people in the restaurant know my parents, and every time I go they all ooh and ahh at how old I am.  It’s kind of funny.

Then I came home and started on Banana Bread!  My mom doesn’t really like sweets but she loves banana bread.  So I figured I would make some.  At the grocery store, I found one of those giant bags of overripe bananas, which was perfect!

I decided to use the recipe on the side of the bag.  I’ve found that recipes on the sides of boxes/bags/containers are usually good.  Tried and true, I guess.

The best part about baking at home:

The house is starting to smell like banana goodness!

The rest of the night I’m packing!  Tomorrow I’m headed up to the Yay Bay Area to spend a week with the lovely fella.  I can’t wait!

Have a great night!