Fabulous Lunch for a Boring Day

This morning I was up at 6:30am, because I want to try to get back on a schedule.  Despite waking up so early, I had no where to be, no one to see and nothing to do.  I e-mailed the professor I am working with this semester to see if she wanted to meet to talk about my research position, and she wants to meet on Friday.  This is a little upsetting as I could have been home right now.  Instead, I’m bored in Ithaca.

So instead of productiveness, I sat around all morning watching Mad Men and reading blogs.  Finally around 12:00 I started to get hungry so I made lunch.  Kind of sad that lunch (and something I got in the mail… more on that later) has been the most exciting part of my day!

After talking to my cousin about her Cesar salad for lunch, I decided I needed a salad too!  Mine was not a Cesar salad but bright colorful and delicious nonetheless!  In my salad: Romaine, Carrot Ribbons and One Hard Boiled Egg.

I had half as a salad and the other half I put in a Flatout Sun dried Tomato Wrap with a Morningstart patty.  Delish!

These wraps are pretty good.  I found them at Wegman’s and decided to get them since they were pretty low cal (90 calories per wrap) and the ingredients weren’t horrendous (still has preservatives but I sucked it up).

I rounded out my meal with a delicious organic honeycrisp apple!

Soo good! (For nutrition info, see my sparkpage)

I was enjoying a cup of this tea (apparently I don’t want to let go of the holidays):

when my roommate came in with the mail.  I got something!

My friend Celia’s Save the Date postcard!  Very cute!  I love the design!  Congratulations Celia and Chris!

Now I’m off to Target to get some floss then to the gym.  Hopefully a good work out will make me less of a Negative Nancy today!

Have a great day!