I interrupt this blog to announce that:  This is my 100th post!

In honor of 100, I’m sharing 100 things you may or may not know about me.  So in case you’re super bored… (or at least as bored as I was while I wrote this… remember all that free time I had?)

1. My favorite color is yellow.

2. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people misspell the word lose.  When you lose weight you will have loose pants!

3. I hate orange juice.

4. I’ve been to Guatemala, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, England, Monaco, Greece, India, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Uruguay, yet I’ve never been to Mexico or Canada!

5. I’ve passed out twice.  Once in a market in the Dominican Republic and once on an airplane.

6. I was a development studies major in college.

7. I speak Spanish and sadly am forgetting Portuguese.

8. I want to be a baker.  I often threaten to drop out of grad school and become a pastry chef.

9. I have 1 sister and 1 brother.

With Grandma

10.  I was probably an accident (sister is 8 years older than me, brother is 11 years older than me… what does that tell you?)

11.  I used to hate jeans, since I moved to Ithaca I wear them almost everyday.

12.  When I see BBQ or Cuban food, I really miss meat.

13.  I actually like meat, I just don’t eat it for environmental/humanitarian reasons not necessarily because I think cows and chickens are cute.

14.  I want to be one of those people that wears high heels everyday.  Maybe someday…

15.  I read WAY too many blogs for my own good, but I love it.

16.  I drive a Jetta.

17.  I get really frustrated when people hate corporations but love Whole Foods.

18.  I forgot to mail my absentee ballot in the last primary (presidential) election. 😦

19.  I voted in the last presidential election.

20.  My first concert was N Sync.

21.  The last concert I went to was Britney Spears (can you tell I’m really a 12 year old?)

22.  I think Arrested Development is one of the funniest shows ever created, and I’m a little concerned that they’re making a movie.

23.  I hate going to the beach.

24.  I was born in the Los Angeles Area, apparently in LA this is hard to come by…

25.  I could eat beans everyday and be a happy person.

26.  I own a pair of crocs but I don’t wear them out of the house.

27.  I want to live in a big city someday (i.e. NYC, SF, Paris, London, Buenos Aires)

28. I’m obsessed with weddings.  I don’t plan on getting married anytime soon but I already have mine planned (on a word doc)… weird, I know.

29.  I come from a family of dentists.  My dad, sister, cousin, and aunt are all dentists.

30.  I don’t ride bicycles, the last two times I did, I crashed… badly.

31.  I’m known for making cupcakes among my friends, but since I started this blog I’ve only made cupcakes once… Kind of sad.

32. I love the book Wuthering Heights, not sure it’s my favorite but I’ve read it 3 times and loved it each time.

33.  I have a hard time feeling sorry for people who don’t try.

34.  I’m not one of those girls who loves kids and babysitting.

35.  My favorite drink is red wine, preferably a nice cab.  I try to drink it sparingly

36.  Most days I only drink water, green monsters, tea and coffee, no juice or soda for me.

37.  My favorite Spice Girl was Posh Spice.

38.  I eat really fast, working on slowing that down.

39.  Not a huge fan of beer.

40.  I have a crooked toe.  It’s weird…

41.  I can’t do a cartwheel.  Well really I haven’t tried in year.

42.  I don’t like running outside alone.

43. Wet bathroom floors gross me out.

44. Same with hair on the bathroom floor.

45. I’ve wanted a pet pig for as long as I can remember.

46. I’m mildly obsessed with Beyonce.

47.  I have a hard time donating money because I don’t trust charities or maybe just people. (Sad I know)

48. I’m pretty shy when I first meet someone.

49.  I get really frustrated when people circle the parking lot looking for a close parking spot when there are plenty of spaces further from the storefront.  Really, you can’t walk an extra 50 yards?

50. I really believe that if more people used public transit it would be better.

51.  One day I want to live in a place where I can walk/take transit to work/recreation and don’t need to own a car.

52. I really don’t like raw carrots but I eat them because they’re convenient.

53. I have a running Amazon Wishlist of things I hope to one day buy (or be given?).

54.  I would love to learn how to garden.

55.  My favorite flower is a daisy.

56. I love watching the Food Network at the gym, but a lot of times I’m too embarrassed to request it on a TV.

57. I don’t wear tight clothes; it makes me feel uncomfortable.

58.  The first food blog I ever read was Jenn’s Menu and Lifestyle Blog, found it on SparkPeople.

59. I’m pretty good at ignoring things…

60. My favorite Starbucks drink is a tall, soy, iced pumpkin spice latte.  The hot ones are just too sweet. This is a major treat!

61.  The usual Starbucks order is a tall, non-fat misto (if I have a lactaid pill, if not soy) with no foam.

62.  Crusty egg and foamy milk are disgusting.

63. In college I drank about 6 cups of coffee per day.

64.  I’ve now cut it down to about 1 maybe 2 per day.

65. I love dishes/china.  I look at them online when I’m bored.

66.  I wish I could be on Jeopardy!

67.  I like frozen yogurt > ice cream.

68. I wear a shoe size 9.

69.  I drink about a gallon of water everyday.

70.  I love Bollywood movies!

Seen It!

71.  I’ve never read Where the Wild Things Are.

72.  I was editor in chief of my high school yearbook.

73.  I got the grocery store an average of 4 times per week because I can never remember to get what I need and always feel like I’m missing something.

74.  I don’t care much for swimming.

75. Airplanes make me nervous.  I always sweat during takeoff and landing (gross I know).

76.  I don’t understand why everyone loves Bob Dylan.

77.  I got two trophies growing up: one for a literature contest in elementary school and one for bowling.  I was not an athletic child.

78.  I want to live abroad at some point in my life.

79.  I can’t stand cold fruit.

80.  I’ve considered starting a blog called “Stuff Brown People Like” for latino funnies.

81. I have a MacBook but since it’s the aluminum one everyone thinks it’s a MacBook Pro.

82.  Ina Garten and Giada Di Laurentiis are my favorite Food Network chefs.

83.  But Tyler Florence is nice to look at.

84.  I was once confused with Rachael Ray.

85.  I was a passenger in a road trip from Pennsylvania to California.

86.  I can’t drive a stick shift car.

87.  The lovely fella has tried to teach me to drive stick many times.  I just can’t seem to do it.

88.  The lovely fella’s name is actually Joe.

89. Champagne is delicious, but I must admit I kind of love Ballatore for its cheap goodness.

90.  Currently, my car is not legally registered.  This will be fixed ASAP!

91.  Chocolate and PB is my favorite combination.

92.  I love sugar free, fat free Jell-O pudding.  I don’t think of it as diet food!  It’s delicious!

93. I can’t sing to save my life.

94. I don’t know how to knit, crochet or sew.

95. I have a niece and two nephews.  They’re triplets.

96.  My entire family except my immediate family, one aunt and (recently) one cousin lives in Guatemala.

97.  I was born in California.

98. I used to know all the presidents in order… I think I still might…

99.  My favorite fruit might be a mango.

100.  It took me over a week to think of 100 things about myself!

You’ve made it through my self absorbed post!  Yay for 100 posts!  I promise when I reach 1,000 I won’t post 1,000 things about myself.

Tell me something about you!

Have a great day!