Food in the City

Today, the lovely fella and I met my friend Emily in San Francisco (aka The City… I understand that on the East Coast “The City” means NYC but here it means SF).  We met at the Ferry Building because I’ve been wanting to go to the Farmer’s Market there for a long long time.

Upon arriving, we were all starving so we had lunch in the Ferry Building.  We stopped at a sandwich shop called Lulu Petite.

I got a delicious eggplant sandwich.  Ooooh soooo good!  Words can’t even describe how good this was!

Emily almost couldn’t wait!

Then we walked around the Farmer’s Market for a bit, where I bought a persimmon!

I love persimmons.  They’re so expensive in Ithaca ($2 each!  Can you believe that!!?!?!)  Here I got 4 for $2.95.  Still pricey but not as bad as in Ithaca.  Colorful and delicious!

Then we headed to Tcho!  A chocolate factory located on one of the piers!

They had samples!

And I got a shot of chocolate.  Oh my goodness!  This was heaven in my mouth! So rich, so good!  This was the perfect amount!  Emily got a hot chocolate which was also delicious and perfect on this chilly day!

The rest of the afternoon was spent perusing stores throughout the city.  Randomly, we ran into my friend Alex at Anthropologie who was shopping with his girlfriend.  It was so nice to see him! He’s a superstar living in the city now in a sweet apartment and working for Yelp!

Then after many hours of dragging the lovely fella to store after store, we met up with Emily’s fella, Joss, and headed to dinner.  We went to Puerto Alegre a Mexican restaurant in the Mission.  Oh so good as well!  I had one enchilada!  Sadly no pictures as it was really dark in there.

I had a fun food filled day with friends!  I hope your day was fantastic too!

Have a great night!


6 thoughts on “Food in the City

  1. Anna says:

    Looks like a great day! That’s such a cute restaurant sign with the girl on the bike.

    I swear I think I’ve been to that restaurant before! When I was in SF a few years ago with some friends, we went to a Mexican restaurant in the Mission, and I swear I think it was that one. It was great!

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