Nice Buns!

Ideally, I’d have these buns…

Guess who!

But last night, I had these..


To curb my insatiable appetite, sweet tooth and desire to bake yesterday, I made Angela‘s Skinny Mini Glo Buns!

As usual, I made changes using the ingredients I had at home:  Real butta instead of margarine or Earth Balance.  I found some frozen lactaid in my freezer (apparently it was too precious to throw out before break) so I used that instead of almond milk since I ran out yesterday (see another reason why I go to the store 74992984 million times per week).  Also, I didn’t have whole wheat pastry flour so I used whole wheat bread flour.  And last but not least I didn’t have nutmeg or ginger so I just used cinnamon and allspice 🙂


Make these!  You won’t regret it.

They aren’t Cinnabons, but they’re perfect for a sweet craving!

Soooo good!

Nice buns, Angela! 🙂

If you’re interesting in reading something a little thought provoking, my friend Lauren wrote a GREAT post on how we view the world and health.  Head over to her blog Sailing Training Wheels and read it!

Hope you have a fantastic days!  Tomorrow’s Friday which means it’s almost the weekend!  Woo!


16 thoughts on “Nice Buns!

  1. Danielle says:

    Those look so good! I pretty much like anything with cinnamon + sugar
    I guessed it was Serena Williams haha…I should have known 🙂

  2. Jessica@Healthy Exposures says:

    holy COW these look awesome – thanks SO much for posting about this! I have been having such an inkling to bake lately (I’ve been restraining because I’m still working on frozen baked goods I went crazy making at Christmas, hah!) and I may just have to cave this weekend.

  3. Karin says:

    Karla… That first picture is SO not work friendly! But on the other hand.. Should I read blogs at work? Probably not.
    I KNEW it was Beyonce! But I like your buns as well. 😉 I’ve wanted to try that recipe forever!

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