Pure Pleasure

Happy Saturday!!!  How’s your morning been?

I slept in til 8:00am today!  I haven’t slept that late in a long time!

Last night, when I went to the Wegster, I saw a 4-pack of Oikos Caramel Pure Pleasure.  I still had one of the coupons that Stonyfield sent me so I decided to give it a whirl.

This morning, I had a piece of toast with almond butter and a banana, which was delicious.  After I was done, I remembered the caramel oikos…

A little extra protein won’t hurt, right?

When I first opened it, it looked like regular yogurt but in a smaller cup.  I thought hmm… what’s the big deal?

Then I stirred it up to find caramel on the bottom!!

Oooooh goodness!  There’s a reason they call this pure pleasure.  It tasted like I was eating Dulce de Leche!  (Argentina style)

Check out the caramel swirl.  SOOOOO Good!

A bunch of yogurts sell themselves as replacing dessert, but honestly this could most definitely be dessert.  I’m surprised at how much it ACTUALLY tasted like caramel.  Absolutely delicious! Packed full of protein and pretty low cal!

Have you tried Caramel Oikos?

They also have a chocolate flavor that I feel like I need to try now that this caramel one was so good!

My mission for today is to find new running shoes (WOO! No more knee pain… maybe) then go to the gym!  Not too bad if you ask me 🙂

What are your Saturday plans??


Sticky Rice!

Hi all!  I hope you had a fabulous day!  My day definitely turned around.  I was sort of feeling blue today mostly because my knees have been hurting like crazy (NEED NEW RUNNING SHOES ASAP).

But as I mentioned earlier, I had plans for a fun evening out!

The evening began at the Big Red Barn for $1 beers, but really $3 boxed wine for me, because I’m classy

I may have had two glasses…

By 8:00pm we got kicked out of the BRB… planners know how to party… or something

So we headed to Liz’s where we ordered take out!

Thai food from Sticky Rice!

Sure glad they can take advantage of social media…

Food was plentiful!

Purple rice! Have you ever tried it?? Not sure how purple it actually looks in the picture, but it tasted similar to white rice but with a lightly crunchier texture.  Delicious!

I didn’t get an entree (since I had been a Snacky McSnackerson all afternoon) but I got an order of Sticky Rice with Mango to share with someone.

It came with purple rice and was oooh soo soo good!  Creamy, sweet and delicious!  Have you ever had mango sticky rice?  If you haven’t… try it asap!

After dinner, as we walked home, the roommate and I discussed going to Wegman’s so naturally we did since I needed baking supplies for my next project (coming soon!).

On the way home from the Wegster, Christina (the roommate) was eating a coconut popsicle/bar she had just gotten.  What happens when you eat a frozen treat in 20 degree weather?

It sticks to you.  Remember A Christmas Story?

Poor roommate!

Anyway, I’m pooped, and I have sooooo much TV/Movie stuff to catch up on… Mad Men, Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty… I also have Fargo to see and a documentary called The Garden that is a watch instantly on Netflix!  Thank goodness it’s the weekend! Watch any good TV lately?

Hope your night was as delicious as mine!  Have a good one!