Thank you all for your very sweet comments on my post earlier!  I really appreciate the support!

Today is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent.  The past few days, and today in particular, I’ve read about a lot of people “giving something up for Lent.”  Most of these things included things like chocolate, baked goods, pastries, candy, etc. I’ve commented about this on a few blogs and thought I should write my own post on this.

Now, I am no hard core Catholic.  I did First Communion, but I don’t go to church and I’m not observing Lent.

I’m not entirely sure what I believe but I do have respect for religion.

I’m a little irked that so many people are taking a sacred 40 day period in anticipation of the resurrection of Christ and turning it into an excuse to diet.  Lent is supposed to be about sacrifice and redemption, not a guilt trip into putting down that cookie so you’ll look better at the end of 40 days.

What about the rest of the Lenten requirements: not sinning, abstaining from meat on Ash Wednesday and on Fridays…?

Obviously, bloggers don’t post their entire lives on their blogs so some may be very religious/spiritual.  I don’t mean to judge, but I’m a little concerned that this is a serious sacrifice for some while it is merely a tool for others.

*Stepping Off Soapbox now*

What are your thoughts on “giving up” things for Lent? Am I being a little unreasonable?

On to food…

I try not to eat frozen food too often, but I like to keep a frozen meal in the freezer for those days when I just absolutely don’t feel like cooking.

Today was one of those days.

Kashi Mayan Harvest Bake (image from kashi.com)

Oh goodness.  If you haven’t tried this, you should.  It’s AMAZING! Slightly spicy and has a great texture.  Also, if you love plantains and sweet potatoes, this entree is for you!

It was the perfect dinner after a loooong day!

Off to do more reading.  Have a great night!


Right now, I am school.

My life is on hold so I can get a Master’s degree.

I live in a city county that revolves around the University.  The only people I know are those in my department.  The only place I go is campus.  When I wake up in the morning, the first thought I have it what I have left to read.

I am a ball of stress.

Honestly, I’m getting tired of it.

I’m tired of having a sore jaw in the mornings from clenching all night.  I’m tired of not having time to talk to my friends and family in California because I have to read.  I’m tired of sitting on my butt, reading for hours on end and feeling like I’m still not doing enough.

Yesterday was a terrible day.  Aside from the immense amount of work I had to do.  I was frustrated with my program, and I was frustrated with myself.  I’m tired of complaints.  At this point, I just want to be done.

I’m not sure what needs to change.  Do I need to just suck it up and stick it out?  A year and a half will fly by, right?

I’m not sure what I would do if I hadn’t started this blog.  My life pretty much would only be city planning, and I would crack. I never thought I would be one of those people that says how much blogging has changed their life, but I guess I am…

Sorry for the vent.  Today will be a better day.  The lovely fella will be here in a week!  Normal food bloggieness will continue tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for reading (if you made it this far).